Balenciaga introduces fully destroyed sneakers, the Internet cannot digest its price – Jahanagahi

Balenciaga introduces fully destroyed sneakers, the Internet cannot digest its price

One can never fully understand fashion. Luxury brand Balenciaga is being trolled on the internet for their new ‘Paris Sneaker’ collection. The distressed shoes line feature 100 pairs of limited edition fully destroyed sneakers.

The new line features both high-top sneakers and mules and is available for pre-order online worldwide. The collection though had got the internet talking for all the wrong reasons. The distressed sneakers are priced between Rs 1.4 lacs (USD 1,850) to Rs 48,279 (USD 625) and most on the internet had stated that the fully destroyed luxury sneakers look like they have been “excavated from an ancient site or a landfill”.

Balencia, meanwhile, added a note explaining the idea behind their new line of sneakers. According to the luxury brand, the new line of “


Balenciaga announced the collection with a note explaining the idea behind the sneakers. According to them, the new have been worn and marked up and dirty on purpose. The sneakers are “a retooled classic design which interprets mid-century athleticism and timeless casual wear in black, white, or red, with a white rubber sole and toe. It is finished with distressed canvas and rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look .” The collection comes in lace-up style, either high-top or backless, and meant to be ‘worn for a lifetime’.

Looking at the sneakers, it isn’t clear if they really can last a lifetime but what is more ironic is the price tag attached to them. Netizens are obviously baffled about the new collection.

The distressed sneakers with Balencia logo on it will be available worldwide via their website. It is already available in European markets. The United States and Middle East stores will have the collection on May 16 and Japan on May 23.


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