10 of the best iPhone 13 phone cases to shop for 2022

best iphone 13 cases


If you’re an iPhone owner, chances are you take your phone with you, well, everywhere. And when your screen time’s as high as ours is (seriously, we don’t even want to look), it makes sense to nab yourself a phone case that you love. After all, you’ll be looking at it pretty much 24/7.

So, for those in possession of an iPhone 13, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite iPhone 13 compatible cases to shop now – from customizable designs to impact cases, and those with attached popsockets, ring grips and phone straps. And, if you’re planning on heading to the beach or pool this summer, you check out the best waterproof phone cases too.

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Casetify Y2K Studio Pillow Case for iPhone 13



This squishy case appears to live up to its name, and it looks SO soft. You can customize with your own pattern design, text and color – so it’s really a quadruple win.


You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be impact case for iPhone 13



This impact case promises 6.6ft of drop protection, as well as an anti-microbial coating eliminates 99% of bacteria. So, yeah, welcome to the future of phone cases. Plus, you can carry its reassuring message around all day for 24/7 reminders – and the Casetify site has other similarly uplifting designs available.


Mulberry Heavy Grain Leather iPhone 13 Cover, Mulberry Pink



Fancy making your phone feel a touch more luxurious? This Mulberry pink hard-wearing leather case will make scrolling down TikTok even more fun (as if that was even possible). And, hey, you carry your phone with you every day, so it’s worth the investment.


Trippy by Oh So Graceful compostable iPhone 13 case



Yep, you read that right: this case is 100% compostable, made from a plant-based material. So when you fancy a change in style or you upgrade your phone model, you can get rid of your case knowing it’s not harming the planet. Plus, the design feels like you walked straight into an Insta filter.


Daisies impact case for iPhone 13



Keep things simple with this clear daisy design, which will easily match any color of iPhone. This case comes with all the features you could ask for: 6.6ft drop protection, wireless charging and anti-microbial coating. Say goodbye to any more smashed screens.


New York Leather Folio/Cradle Case for iPhone 13



Is it time to give in and join our Gen X parents in the land of the flip phone case? Maybe, but that’s not to say your phone can’t still look *chef’s kiss* at the same time! There’s a reason why you see flip phone cases everywhere: there’s space to hold bank cards, plus there’s less chance of smashing or scratching your screen. Practical.


Just Elegance iPhone 13 case – rose breath



Hands up who’s guilty of dropping their phone, like, all the time? This iPhone 13 compatible case comes with an attached popsocket grip and a matching strap. So there’s really no excuse for any more accidents. This one comes in a range of colors, including black and purple-grey if you want a darker option.


Popcase for iPhone 13 – clear



If you want an attached popsocket grip without any other design, this clear case is for you. It comes with an attached grip that you can slide up and down depending on where you want to hold your phone (plus you can move it out of the way for wireless charging). See also: propping up your phone to watch Netflix on the go.


Liquid Silicone Case for iPhone 13



If your’e not too fussed about a fancy or colorful design, keep things simple with this plain white silicone case. Sleek.


Shiny silicone iPhone 13 case with ring holder



Another one for the clumsy types, keep your phone safe with this shiny silicone case complete with an attached ring grip. It makes texting or taking pics with one hand much easier, and you can also use the ring to prop your phone up for watching videos. The dream!

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