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‘A Better Defense Than Your Favorite NFL Team’

The NFL draft may be over for the upcoming 2022-2023 season, but if the league is looking to recruit any new players, coaches might want to start looking at their local Best Buy.

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Yes, we’re serious.

a new viral video is making its rounds that shows what appears to be seven Best Buy employees forming a football-style defensive formation to stop an attempted robbery in the store.

In the clip, three young men can be seen slowly walking over to the phone display before each launching at the table, attempting to rip the devices and run away with them.

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Little did the criminals know, they had a whole line of defense waiting for them.

As the three young men try to run towards the exit, the Best Buy employees can be seen sprinting into defense to block them, with the employees even squatting and shuffling as if they were on the football field ready to tackle.

The video, which was caught on Best Buy’s security cameras, was reposted on Twitter by several accounts, including @BarstoolSports and @NFLMemes, which captioned the post “This Best Buy has a better defense than your favorite NFL team.”

The video has since garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

Sports fans on the social media platform had a (no pun intended) field day with this one, likening the Best Buy team to Marvel’s avengers and some even drawing plays on screenshots of the videos and analyzing what the employees’ strategies could have been.

Neither the location of the Best Buy store nor the names of the employees have been confirmed.

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Best Buy did not immediately return Entrepreneur‘s request for comment.

Best Buy’s current Code of Ethics states that employees should “speak up if you see or suspect misconduct or unethical behavior” while its company Safety Policy also says that “Employees are empowered to maintain safe work conditions, challenged to identify and report concerns, communicate recommendations for improving safety and performing their duties in accordance with safe work practices.”

Though it’s unclear whether or not the brave workers will get into trouble with management for their actions, past situations show that this might be the case.

Last year, former Best Buy employee Summer Tapasa was working at a Best Buy in Waimulu, Hawaii when a man came in and attempted to steal a portable speaker just days before Christmas.

Tapasa quickly went viral with a video that showed her blocking and wrestling the thief out of the store, but instead of being praised for her dedication, she revealed that she had been let go from her job due to company policy.

The story did have a happy ending for Tapasa, however — her impressive blocking skills caught the attention of UFC President Dana White, who flew her out to Vegas and offered her a job working for UFC security, which she graciously accepted.

Perhaps the Best Buy employees in the most recent video can be expecting a call from the NFL commissioner.

Best Buy was down 30% year over year as of late Tuesday morning.

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