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Activists who trade forex withdraw their money from the currency market

let’s go to the euro usd our start of the day many many people out there go crazy for this pair even though there are so many players you can trade i don’t know why people love the yurious i’m just kidding guys okay this is the major one so everybody is focused on this so to try uh the the price action if you look at the price action in itself it’s not very promising okay follow me okay we got this highs here okay and then the triangle forming a previous bullish impulse by the way by the way okay we got a very strong breakout you’re 13 38 okay we are not in a bearish environment looking at this chart but if we are going to if we are going to open uh like i don’t know trading view or other charts then we will find a better explanation of this movement okay so we got a strong breakout 1337 and the price going down to 1290 okay remember the forest market the markets in general are unpredictable so we got a huge move for this pair uh are not that common okay this large large movements
so i mean i know many people who just focus and just trade your usd so you will find many interesting trades opportunities here on the on forex trendy
so you know we were uh we got this in the shoulder here forming in the blue shampoos but then no the market just changes his mind and going down so this is this is why it’s very important to have a strategy you know because if you don’t have a strategy you’re gonna lose money
new zealand dollar usd and the euro usd are the stars of the day here on forex trendy watch tv don’t in the end because i’m gonna show you which opportunities you can find using this online tool
hello everybody welcome back to another forex trendy video today i’m going to show you what happened on the forest market and which opportunities you can find with this online tool today monday january the 3rd 2022 welcome to the new here a new training gear is in front of us so before starting subscribe not to miss next videos leave a like leave a comment below share your opinion don’t be shy so here we are on the five minute time frame the first trade of the morning is australian dollar and the swiss french we have a flag cell signal breaker 6626
honestly honestly the chart to me doesn’t look so good okay because the size of the candles are too big so volatility is too high and there is no safe spot for the stop loss i’m very picky as a day trader honestly but i know people that trade in every situation so by the way after the breakout uh the price continued to go down reaching the previous low year around 66.07
and then continue to go down reaching the 66 6600 psychological level so announce trade around 20 pips less to spread let’s jump to the us dollar and the danish crone um it looks like a loser even though you know the number of pips is huge you know because the breakout was a 55 65 going down to 54 50. so around 100 pips but remember when you’re going to trade exotic pairs you’re gonna find larger spread
so then the price reverses and goes up skyrocketing up to 58.48
new zealand dollar and the usd we have a flag says signal breaker 6834 this is a textbook trade as you know the price is breaking here the floor uh we have a flag so after the breakout at 68 34 it was a very tiny
retest on close to the trend line okay with this week here and then the price continued to go down i sell off reaching the 67.74 so a nice trade and i said for the day traders out there
euro new zealand dollar this chart looks very good now we are in an uptrend scenario you know the first bullish impulse standard flag and the breakout retest at 66 15 again going up reaching the 66.86 so a huge one again okay we got like 70 pips less the spread australian dollar and usd a similar trade to the
euro no to the new zealand dollar and the usda is very similar okay so we have rising watch cell signal breakers 7253 breakout and the price is going down to 71.85 so each one again here um bear in mind those are just a few trades on this screen okay because there are a lot of signals especially if you trade with re reliability on medium if you go for the is you will get less signals but the quality will be
very high let’s jump to hoyle lars looks so bad honestly even though the price action looks pretty choppy here okay and the price is dancing between 75 27 and 7602 we got we got these nice uh bearish apples here and then the price is bringing the market spreading a little bit before breaking uh the trend line here of this flag at 75 66 today is the day of 66 i don’t know why and falling down to 74 11 i’m not a commodity trader honestly but i i know many people many friend of mine are trading commodities so eurons we see
this trade came up short you know didn’t have enough momentum to go up you know price action was looking pretty good uh after this bullish engulfing year down here on the left side of the chart we got a nice [ __ ] was pretty strong one okay then the falling wedge forming and the breakout the breakout and then it’s missing momentum you know because uh breakout at zero 373 going up to zero 389 it depends if you are a scalper on the five minute charts you’re gonna have a lot of opportunities but if you uh have like 20 30 pips target you’re gonna select your trades better okay so we will see what will happen you know because the price is retesting the trend line this level around zero 370 so we don’t really know if the price will rebound here and uh will continue his climb to zero four zero zero so we will see if you are a newbie you will find fibonacci targets those are the extensions so the 100 27.2 and the 61.8 very important
usd and as we see a nice trade i mean you know if you look at the price action it looks very promising okay let’s suppose you are you receive this signal okay and you see the price retesting this very strong sub person around 91 16. okay i was testing it many times one two three four five six seven times okay before we get up the breakout was solid and the price actually looks pretty good you know because uh we got these nice little green candles going up to the 91.99 okay close to the 9200 psychological level so this is a very nice trade if you if you find okay this is not a financial advice okay but when i find a chart appear where the price is retesting a level expect a very strong move remember it okay
Trading is a high risk activity, protect your capital through the use of stop loss, making intelligent use of leverage and not investing more than you are willing to lose. The author of the post declines any responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of decisions made after reading this article. The information contained below is for informational purposes only. CFDs are complex instruments, therefore adequate knowledge is required before making any investment. Thank you for your kind attention!

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