Apex Legends Mobile Launches Season One May 17. Here’s How to Sign Up

Apex Legends Mobile, a free battle royale hero shooter, will arrive on Android and iOS on Tuesday, May 17. According to Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is designed for mobile with streamlined controls and optimizations for quality battle royale gameplay on a tablet or phone.

In Season One of Apex Legends Mobile, players can choose from iconic Legends characters as well as some new faces exclusive to mobile. The familiar fast-paced gameplay will also add new maps, modes, progressions and live events every season.

According to the trailer released Wednesday, pre-registration for the game is now open for Android and iOS.

How to pre-register for iOS

one. Visit the Apex Legends Mobile subsection on EA’s website
two. Click Pre-Register & Updates
3. Fill out your email, birthdate and region
Four. Click sign-up

How to pre-register for Android

one. Visit the Apex Legends Mobile subsection on EA’s website
two. Click Pre-register on Google Play
Once you’re redirected to the Google Play Store, click the green Pre-Register button
Four. You’ll be prompted with a note that confirms your pre-registration and that you’ll be notified when the game becomes available. Click okay.
5. If you change your mind, you can simply click Unregister

Respawn and EA announced Apex Legends Mobile in 2019 and began beta testing last year. The mobile game looks like it’ll offer the same experience that millions of players have been enjoying since the Fortnite competitor launched in early 2019.

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