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Apple Car Charger Could Be Similar To iPhone’s Magsafe

Apple Inc. AAPL has obtained a patent that indicates it could use a MagSafe-like charger in its yet non-existent but rumored electric car.

What Happened: A revised patent dated Tuesday called “charging station with passive alignment mechanism” describes a charging station for an EV that can move in the longitudinal direction.

The patent by the iPhone maker is suggestive of a system that would allow a driver to park their vehicle and begin charging immediately as a plug slides into position.

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The plug can move both horizontally and vertically, eliminating the need to park a vehicle perfectly and allowing for charging vehicles of varying heights.

The latest patent indicates the presence of a safety feature — a plate above the charging plug that could protect it from heavy impact and also help make a connection with the vehicle.

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Why It Matters: While a patent indicates company interest, there is no surety it will result in a consumer product or service in the future.

Tim Cook-led Apple has filed patents related to solar charging for electric vehicles in the past.

Recently, Apple hired Ford Motor Co. F veteran Desi Ujkashevićwho specializes in safety efforts and vehicle engineering and has experience in dealing with regulatory issues.

That came after a string of high-profile exits in its self-driving car project, named “Project Titan.”

PriceAction: On Tuesday, Apple shares closed 1.6% higher at $154.51 in the regular session, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

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