“At the exit they kicked a boy” – Jahanagahi

“At the exit they kicked a boy”

Two AC Milan fans have come forward to express their disappointment over how the security was handled during the away game against Hellas Verona.

It was well documented in the build-up to the game that there were no restrictions regarding who could buy tickets in areas other than the home curve and the away sector, so around 16,000 Milan fans descended on the Bentegodi with many sections mixed.

It was a game that was fundamental for the Scudetto fight hence such a large traveling support, but there have been clashes in the past between the two sets of fans which raised a security risk, though it seems the possibility of trouble fell on deaf ears with regards to the steward.

For the online edition of Panorama, some Milan fans have given an account of the behavior of some Verona fans towards them, with their comments relayed by MilanLive.

The first Rossoneri fan interviewed, Alessandro G. said: “I went to the stadium with two Milan fans. I hid the Milan shirt under my sweatshirt so as not to be seen. I unzipped it just to eat and was immediately surrounded by Hellas fans. They walked over and punched me in the face, splitting my lip. They insulted me, while there was no sign of the police.

“At the end of the game about fifteen people approached us. The stewards did not intervene. They insulted and provoked us, they didn’t even stop in front of the children. Indeed, one of them threw a glass full of beer at a kid from Milan.

“At the exit surreal scene: there was the motionless police, and a swarm of Hellas fans with belts, ready to threaten Rossoneri fans. We hid the shirts and luckily we got to the cars.”

A second fan, SB, who described the attackers inside the stadium: “All those who passed through the Bentegodi and did not have Verona colors on them were insulted, a couple was attacked just because the man was wearing a red sweatshirt.

“In the inner sector, under the grandstand, groups of easily recognizable middle-aged supporters came to threaten us. A little girl with her Milan parents grew up throughout the game, there was fear. At the exit they kicked a boy who went away by himself.

“They left us alone. I knew that delicate situations often arise in Verona, but I expected more safety. There was talk of police and cameras, but we were alone, we could not have asked anyone for help. Very few stewards compared to thousands of fans. I’ve made many away matches, even the most dangerous ones in Serie C. In Verona I felt like I was finding those times.”

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