Hip Hop has been shaken by the RICO charges set against Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 of their alleged associates. Yesterday (May 9), news surfaced that Thugger’s home was raided by the authorities after an 88-page indictment alleged that YSL, Young Stoner Life or Young Slime Life, was a “criminal street gang” that participated in obstruction, witness tampering, murder , armed robbery, and more. Prosecutors even alleged that two YSL associates asked Young Thug for permission to try to kill YFN Lucci behind bars.

While Gunna is reportedly not in custody, this morning, Thug made his first court appearance. The rapper’s attorney has already come forward with a brief statement, denying Thugger’s involvement in any criminal activity and vowing to defend him at any cost.

Young Thug
Amy Sussman/Staff/Getty Images

Meanwhile, voices in Hip Hop have been adding their commentary to the ongoing conversation about the severe RICO charges that authorities claimed will land someone in prison for the rest of their lives. The Breakfast Club tackled the topic for their Rumor Report with Angela Yee, and it was questioned whether or not 300 Entertainment will stick by their artists through this legal fray. YSL Records is an imprint on 300 which was acquired by Warner Records in December 2021.

“Yeah, I really hate seeing things like this,” Chralamagne began. “Young Black men with the opportunities that these brothas have should not have their names anywhere near this kind of situation. Like, this ain’t it y’all. I don’t know what’s true and what’s not true, but I know this situation is about to cost those brothas a lot of money and a lot of stress.”

After Yee added a bit more context to the charges, Charlamagne wanted to know if the industry would continue to help Thug and Gunna.

“Now, let’s see if 300 is gon’ stand by them,” Charlamagne added. “These artists make music based off the same thing those brothas got picked up for, and these labels make money based off the same thing these brothas got picked up for. A lot of people make money marketing that lifestyle, so let’s see what happens now that things are real and not just records.”

Check out video footage of Thugger’s court appearance as well as more information about this case below.