‘Clay & Buck’ rip ‘Jimmy Carter without the accomplishments’ Biden for failing families coping with inflation

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The hosts of the “Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” hammered President Biden as “Jimmy Carter without the accomplishments” as he continues to deflect blame for massive inflation on Vladimir Putin and Trump supporters.

Travis commented that inflation is essentially a “default tax” every American is forced to pay when economic conditions plummet. He said Biden disingenuously claims to be “Middle-Class Joe From Scranton” who supposedly “cares about families.” The Electric City, in Pennsylvania’s coal region, has long been identified with its industrial, middle-class history.


Democrats James Clyburn of South Carolina, Biden, Pelosi, Susan Wild of Pennsylvania (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

Democrats James Clyburn of South Carolina, Biden, Pelosi, Susan Wild of Pennsylvania (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

“Let’s say you were making $60,000 per year. You have gotten a roughly 10% cut in your overall income around $6- or $7,000 just since Joe Biden became president – ​​based on inflation alone,” Travis added.

He and Sexton agreed that middle-class families in the $40-60,000 range feel inflation the most because it is there where a $4,000 hit can mean the difference between paying off the utilities and credit card bills for the month, compared to people with even slightly more annual income when long-term inflation hits.

Sexton further remarked that for all the negative parallels critics draw between Biden and Jimmy Carter, the oldest living president who oversaw the Iran Hostage Crisis, gasoline shortages, and stagflation, has been validated by some as a better commander-in-chief.

Carter, Biden.

“We’ve really agreed on this one for a long time Clay – It is unfair to compare [Biden] to Jimmy Carter,” he said. “Carter is smarter and way more competent than Joe Biden — as I think that much is clear.”

Travis agreed, adding that Biden has “no answers” to the economic crisis he caused or at least aggravated.

“Biden has become Jimmy Carter without the accomplishments,” he said.



Sexton also said wealthy House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has been out-of-touch with working-class Americans for decades as well. He added she similarly “has no clue” on how to fix the economic crisis.

“She doesn’t know how to pump gas. She doesn’t buy her own groceries,” he claimed.

Prior to getting involved in California politics decades ago, Pelosi grew up in a prominent Baltimore political family, where her father and brother – both named Thomas – were notable majors.

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