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copytrading strategy on eToro for forex trading

9565 dollars invested i’m i’m testing the strategy of course in my virtual portfolio so i am in my demo mode i usually test my strategies for before investing your real money and in a few months if things are going to be are gonna stay green okay i’m gonna switch to real money i do this even for my day trading strategies and uh six percent is very good for a copy training strategy this is total passive income
if you think about it um it’s a very good percentage uh even for uh day trading okay so if you want to join the total you will find the link below in the description i’m going to show you my portfolio we got winners and losers these trailers up here are performing very good this one is up of 595 dollars we are getting
close to 600 dollars this other guy here is around 12 to 247 and so home these are the triggers are in red but i was reading on their uh bios and profiles that omicron variant is of course shaking the markets you know people are worried about economic growth that i worry about this virus that could stop the economic
growth and i co i’m confident that this ladies and gentlemen i will be back on green in next days or a week so no worry about it no don’t worry if your trader easy right because it’s it’s normal it’s part of the business so we all lose uh trades but if the traders has a very good uh winning percentage like above 40 you’re gonna
be safe your money will be safe okay of course markets are unpredictable but if you follow a very good strategy chances to make money okay are pretty good so i always trust you about the importance of trader stats like equity line uh how the traders performed during last year or the last two years which market is uh trading and other things because it’s very important to know who you are copying and you who you are
Hi welcome to a new video, in this video I will show you the update on my copytrading strategy on eToro. You will see the developments of this strategy, which I am testing in demo before using it on the real account. It is a good practice to test strategies on the virtual account before investing any real money. Disclaimer: The strategy explained in this video is no guarantee for future earnings. The financial markets are unpredictable, as is the behavior of the traders who decide to copy.
For this reason, if you choose to follow this strategy, test it in demo, after a few months of earnings you can decide whether to switch to real mode. Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose, the author of the video declines any responsibility in case of loss. The information contained in this video is for illustrative purposes only.MOSTRA MENO
hello everybody welcome back to another video today i’m gonna update you about my copy training strategy on tutorial i made a video 10 days ago you will find a link below in the description or on the right side of your screen upper corner okay so i want to show you if this strategy is making money or not before starting subscribe not to miss the next videos leave a like leave a comment let me know what you think about my videos uh which topic i should cover or talk about
so i’m gonna delve inside the topic and help you on your trading journey don’t forget to visit my website for so let’s start the video uh i made a strategy 10 days ago where i show you exactly which method i use
how to copy traders how to find the best traders who performed very good in the last year and so on where you will find the link below in the description so today i am at uh i am up of 586 dollars 6.13 percent um return.


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