Drake Wants To Work With Released WWE NXT Star

Drake is one of the top musicians in the world today and he is always ready to give other people a chance to shine. It now appears that Drake is interested in working with a released WWE NXT Star.

Harland, now Parker Boudreaux once again, took to Twitter to share a direct message where it is revealed that Drake wants to work with him. If this is true this could also mean Drake is a fan of professional wrestling.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, because Parker is rather connected. He’s pals with Rick Ross and other heavy hitters in hip-hop. His connections from him in rap music alone make his release from WWE a real head-scratcher.

Harland was among the 10 performers who were released by WWE from their NXT contract last month. It seems Harland found a job very quickly after getting trimmed out of the NXT roster due to budget cuts.

Not to mention that, Harland also grabbed the limelight for similarities with Brock Lesnar. His WWE release from him was quite shocking as fans saw a long future ahead of him in the company.

With that being said we don’t know what Boudreaux and Drake will be cooking once they get together. We’ll find more about it once they link up until they stay tuned. Also, Parker deleted that tweet, but we here at Thirsty come prepared. So, you can check out his tweet from him, via screenshot, below.

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