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‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch updates AI behavior and bulletproof tarp

to planned Escape From Tarkov update has altered AI behavior and reworked the bulletproof tarp.

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Battlestate Games announced the update yesterday (May 10), and the game went offline for two hours this morning (May 11) to allow the technical update to be installed.

At the same time, Battlestate Games shared the patch notes for the update.

With Escape From Tarkov back online, Scavs, Raiders and Rogues are no longer aggressive to Player Scavs if they kill a PMC. Scavs, Raiders and Rogues will also no longer take positions close to players when engaging them.

Battlestate has also fixed the behavior of Raiders when one of them is killed by a player, fixed the Reshala’s logic of medicine usage and changed how bots react to smoke grenades.

Elsewhere, Battlestate has fixed the significant damage reduction when shooting through Terragroup tarps and fixed various animation freezes. Check out the complete list of fixes here.

Earlier this week, another update saw Rogues spawn on every map, making raids a lot more difficult.

And at the start of the month, traders returned to Escape From Tarkov, after the community paid an extortion fee of 1.5trillion roubles. A week earlier, traders were removed from Escape From Tarkov and players were hit with a ransom fee by a mysterious character known as Lightkeeper.

It comes as Battlestate Games has started teasing an expansion to the Lighthouse map alongside the introduction of landmines.

In other shooter news, Godzilla and King Kong are coming to Call Of Duty: Warzone today (May 11). Operation Monarch is a 60 player battle that uses Resurgence rules. “The goal is simple: Be the last team standing” but as well as dealing with enemy troops, players will have to contend with the occasional rampage from the legendary titans.

Developers have called it “an experience that hasn’t been seen yet.”

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