Florence And The Machine’s Florence Welch Sings “Margaritaville” With Jimmy Buffett (And, Sadly, Jimmy Fallon): Watch

Florence Welch, the Florence of Florence + The Machine, seems like an extremely nice person. Sometimes, people take advantage of that. Sometimes, a stone-cold fucker like Jimmy Fallon might rope a nice lady like Florence Welch into taking part in comedy bits. This is a cautionary tale, kids. Be careful out there, and don’t be too nice. You, too, could end up doing comedy bits with Jimmy Fallon.

Florence was a guest on last night’s tonight show. Her album Dance Fever comes out tomorrow, and she performed the single “My Love” on the show and sat down with Jimmy Fallon for a conversation. Watching a Jimmy Fallon interview is nobody’s idea of ​​a good time, but Florence is a loopy, charming presence. I liked this moment where she described the whole image that she once imagined for herself: “a mix of Rogue from X Men with a Victorian ghost, and then, like, mermaids.” Accurate! Great performance, too! Florence’s stage set looks very cool!

The comedy-bit portion of the evening came during a bit called “Audience Suggestion Box,” where Jimmy Fallon responds to fake requests from the audience. One of those bits involved Jimmy Buffett coming out to sing “Margaritaville,” the 1977 hit that never goes away. Then there was a joke about how Fallon has had Buffett’s lost shaker of salt this whole time. Finally, the segment ended with Florence coming out to finish singing “Margaritaville,” with Buffett and Fallon joining in. You will not believe this, but those three singers did not mesh terribly well. Below, watch the “Margaritaville” singalong, as well as Florence’s performance and interview.

Meanwhile, here’s history’s greatest televised “Margaritaville” singalong:

Dance Fever is out 5/13 on Polydor.

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