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Ghostly International and Secretly Form New Record Label Company All Flowers Group

Ghostly International and Secretly have announced the formation of All Flowers Group, a new group of record labels. In addition to Ghostly artists, All Flowers Group will also oversee the New York–based hip-hop and R&B label Drink Sum Wtr. The latter’s roster includes his first signee Deem Spencer and a single series featuring songs by Shelley FKA DRAM, Sol Galeano, and Wahid.

All Flowers Group will operate within the independent music realm of Secretly, which includes the affiliate companies Secretly Group (Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, Saddest Factory Records, Secretly Canadian), Numero Group, 37d03d, Secretly Publishing, and Secretly Distribution. Sam Valenti IV, Ghostly’s founder and CEO, will now serve as co-founder, co-CEO, and chief creative officer of All Flowers Group. “The ‘same soil, water, and sun’ approach we envisioned for Ghostly when partnering with Secretly has already led to some of our most beloved signings and a true sense of international connection,” said Valenti in a statement.

Drink Sum Wtr is helmed by CEO Nigil Mack, who previously worked in A&R at Motown and Republic Records where he signed Kid Cudi to release his first two albums. Rounding out the team is senior director of A&R Alexandra Berenson, marketing director Kate Ebeling, and Chloé van Bergen and Kraegan Graves who will oversee the operational growth of the company.

“I’m very excited about the journey that I’m about to take with this new venture,” said Mack in a statement. “Working with a like-minded team of industry seasoned professionals who are all unified in making artist development the core focus of Drink Sum Wtr, the artist’s vision will always be the priority. Never at Drink Sum Wtr will we chase trends and algorithms. We’d rather chase legacy.”

In 2021, workers at Ghostly International, Secretly Group, Secretly Distribution, Secretly Publishing, and Numero Group formed a union. “Our enthusiasm for the culture in which we work can lead to exploitation in ways endemic to the creative industries,” they wrote at the time. Shortly afterwards, Secretly Group released a statement announcing that it was officially recognizing the Secretly Group Union.


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