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Giancarlo Esposito is the New Voice AI For Sonos Products

Everyone has their preferred AI companion. Whether it be Siri (wrong), Alexa (also wrong!), or the clear golden child, Google, we all have taken a blood oath to a voice assistant. Some users have entered Her-esque relationships with the weird Samsung AI, but we won’t touch that one.

Now, a new hunk is entering the scene. TV, movie, and gaming bad boy Giancarlo Esposito will join forces with our several-time Gadget of the Year winner Sonos to create what I can only describe as the greatest AI companion, well, ever. Esposito will voice Sonos’s new voice control system, which will allow you to skip and change songs, flip playlists, play Spotify radio, and even feel like you’re a friend of the cartel, if you use your imagination. In an announcement, Sonos wrote, “With careful recording, advanced processing and mastering, the voice is natural, unobtrusive, yet confident and engaging.”

Of all the Hollywood elites Sonos could’ve sought after, I have to say that you can’t get better than Esposito. While he normally plays villains—and he is damn good at it too—it’s undeniable that the man has one of the sultriest voices in the business. The mere sound of Esposito’s vocal cords may still inflict fear, but the drug-lord-turned-pace crusader can sing to me all night long, whenever he damn well pleases. Thank you, Sonos, for letting me keep a mini Giancarlo Esposito in my home, something I would never have imagined possible.

With this announcement comes a new product and colorway, too. The fresh offering is a delightful, cute, and compact soundbar called the Sonos Ray. As for the colorway? The Sonos Roam (Sonos’s bluetooth, weather resistant, travel-friendly speaker), is expanding its selection from black and white to what the company calls, “olive, wave and sunset.” Sonos has been remarkably adept at keeping its software up to snuff , rarely cycling out old products from their ecosystem.So it seems like a safe bet that if you have a Sonos with a mic on it that’s not too old, you’ll soon be graced by Gus Fring and a booming meth business, right inside your media center.

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