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Google teases its next generation of AR glasses

A decade after Google Glass made its debut at I/O 2012, Google is working on a new set of augmented reality glasses. The company teased the device at I/O 2022, sharing a short clip that showed off some of its capabilities. We saw an “early prototype” of the wearable transcribes a conversation in real-time, effectively providing captions for the wearer. Google also showed demoed the prototype translating a conversation from English into Spanish, allowing a non-English speaker to carry out a conversation with the Google employee speaking to them.

Google didn’t say when it plans to release the wearable it showed off today. We’ll also note the teaser video the company played during its presentation included text at the bottom of the frame that said what it was showing was a “simulated point of view,” suggesting the final interface may look dramatically different from the one Google showed. off today.

Google’s cautious approach to sharing too many details before the device is ready is understandable. While Google Glass is still available to enterprise customers, it’s fair to say the wearable never quite took off the way the company envisioned. In addition to privacy concerns, the “Glasshole” label made it difficult for Google to sell consumers on wearable AR.

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