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Hands-on: LINESTAND MagSafe charger for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch offers floating and lay-flat design

After unveiling a look at its new MagSafe charger back at CES, LINE has launched the unique LINESTAND. Built from a solid block of aluminum, the 3-in-1 charger for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch works flat on a surface or floats with a VESA mount. Read on for our hands-on details.

With countless wireless and MagSafe chargers on the market, Line is looking to stand out from the crowd by offering distinctive design and functionality with LINESTAND.

Featuring a super-solid aluminum build, LINESTAND has a floating picture aesthetic and includes VESA mount threads if you want to go for an air desk setup. But it also works with a lay-flat design on desks and countertops with integrated rubber feet.

Available today is the LINESTAND Trio which offers spots for two MagSafe pucks plus one Apple Watch charger.

Hands-on with LINESTAND

LINESTAND MagSafe charger hands-on 1

The moment you pick up LINESTAND, you realize what a solid build it has. Coming in at just over 3 pounds in weight, the 70% recycled aluminum has a clean brushed silver finish and will last a lifetime.

Along with the solid metal build, the longevity is thanks to the fact that you do need to bring your own MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers for this dock. So on the bright side, you can just swap those out if one ever bites the dust. But the downside is if you don’t already have two MagSafe chargers and an Apple Watch puck that’s another ~$100 you’ll need to spend.

I tested out the LINESTAND with the lay-flat configuration which looked nice with my MacBook Pro and black desk. It definitely gives a prominent docking station feel for your Apple gear and at 3 pounds in weight, it doesn’t move in the slightest when removing devices.

LINESTAND MagSafe charger hands-on two

While using the official Apple MagSafe charger and Apple Watch charger are guaranteed to fit perfectly, I found that mophie’s black Snap+ wireless chargers work too.

One thing to keep in mind, with the back of the charger featuring cable routing, third-party cables that are thicker than Apple’s won’t fit. However, if you go for a floating VESA mount setup, that shouldn’t be an issue.


I appreciate the creativity of LINESTAND which offers a traditional desktop or a floating installation. It’s the first VESA-mountable MagSafe multi-device charger I’ve seen.

While there are a number of other pros like full 15W MagSafe charging and a solid aluminum build that should last forever (or as long as iPhone and Apple Watch keep using these chargers), there are some cons.

I think the main one is the price. You’re looking at $169 for LINESTAND which is without the three chargers and power adapters needed.

If you need to buy MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers, power adapters, as well as a VESA arm (if you want to do a floating install), you’re looking at $300+. One other downside is three cables to manage and plug in.

But for those that love the design, especially the floating option, this unique MagSafe dock could be worth the premium price.

LINESTAND is available now direct from LINE.

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