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Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor’s ‘Sad Reality’ Of Buying Pre-Owned Lamborghini Moves Internet To Tears!

Star Kids often have to bear the brunt of their fame and ‘family.’ While the nepotism debate in Bollywood doesn’t seem to fade, star kids continue to make headlines for various reasons.

Sonam Kapoor
Instagram/Sonam Kapoor

Many star kids and actors from ‘privileged’ backgrounds have shared their ‘struggles.’

Another episode of star kids forgetting their privileges drew attention after Harsh Vardhan Kapoor. In a recent interview for his latest Netflix film, Thar, Harsh spoke about how his father, Anil Kapoor, doesn’t support him financially anymore.

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor

In his conversation with Mashable India’s The Bombay Journey, he said he was trying to buy a pre-owned Lamborghini that cost 1 crore instead of getting a new one that would cost him about 3 crores.

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor

Talking to the host, the actor said,

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor

“I hate to break it to the audience, but the reality is that my parents have no interest in paying for my sh*t. So, I wish you all were right, and I was wrong. I would have had ten times more than what I have, but I buy my own stuff.”

As soon as Harsh shared his ‘sad reality’ of buying a second-hand Lamborghini, the internet rewarded him with memes. People started calling the actor out but in a sarcastic way.

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor
Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor/Instagram

Here is what happened after the excerpt from Harsh’s interview went viral.

In January 2020, Ananya Panday, daughter of Chunky Panday, faced backlash when she made a similar comment. Talking to Rajeev Masand, she had said,

“I have always wanted to be an actor. Just because my dad has been an actor, I will never say no to an opportunity to act. My dad has never been in a Dharma film, he never went on Koffee With Karan. So it’s not as easy as people say. Everyone has their own journey and their own struggle.”

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