How Iron Maiden’s Fear Of The Dark marked the end of an era

For all its flaws, Iron Maiden’s 1990 underpowered No Prayer For The Dying album did succeed on one level: it successfully repositioned Maiden for the incoming decade. The back-to-basics sound pre-dated the rise of grunge, itself a reaction to the excess of the 1980s (ironically, the man spearheading that movement, Kurt Cobain, had eleven scribbled Iron Maiden logos in his schoolbooks when he was younger) .

But the grunge explosion was a few months off, and Iron Maiden had plenty to think about anyway. Chief among these was correcting the course they had embarked on with No Prayer. This may partly explain why bassist/Maiden commander-in-chief Steve Harris chose to step up as co-producer alongside longtime associate Martin Birch for their next album.

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