IBM unveils its roadmap for the ‘era of quantum-centric supercomputing’ – Jahanagahi
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IBM unveils its roadmap for the ‘era of quantum-centric supercomputing’

IBM today launched its annual “Think” conference. The event begins with a two-day kickoff in Boston, then Big Blue’s taking the show on the road all summer long for a tour spanning 11 cities across the globe.

In a virtual pre-conference press event attended by Neural, CEO Arvind Krishna discussed a number of the company’s plans for 2022 and beyond.

The chief topics of conversation involved artificial intelligence, sustainability, and the most ambitious plan for quantum computing hardware advances we’ve seen yet.

Some of the most interesting takeaways from Krishna include:

  • “Watson is alive and well.”
  • IBM intends to reach net zero “by 2030. Not 2040. Not 2050, but by 2030.”
  • The majority of scientists think artificial general intelligence won’t arrive until “the 2050-to-2075-time frame.”

But the biggest thing we learned here at Neural, is that IBM has unflinchingly decided it’s going all-in on quantum computing.

We knew it had big plans; the most current quantum computing roadmap from Big Blue prior to this year’s Think conference demonstrated as much.

IBM's quantum roadmap, an infographic