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Artificial intelligence

Intel unveils new AI, 5G technologies at conference in Texas

Many of the artificial intelligence semiconductor technologies aim to increase productivity, cybersecurity and public health outcomes.

DALLAS — Intel is unveiling a number of newly developed semiconductors, with a range of technological goals and uses to increase productivity and public safety.

CEO Patrick Gelsinger headlined the “Intel Vision 2022” conference in Texas, emphasizing the increasing importance of technology, especially following challenges through the pandemic.

“When everything has been upended,” Gelsinger said, “our status quo requires a new and fresh views.”

Some of the newly revealed computer chips use artificial intelligence (AI) to help tackle big issues.

Argonne National Laboratory’s Aurora super computer, for example, is being built with Intel chips that have the potential to make better climate predictions, improve manufacturing, discover new cancer treatments and enhance augmented virtual realities, such as Facebook’s developing Metaverse.

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Connectivity was also a big push at day one of the Intel Vision 2022 event. Gelsinger explained developments by collaborating companies to 5G technology, with an emphasis on maintaining public health and safety.

“What happens if it all goes dark?” Gelsinger asked the room, as the lights went out, and recorded sirens played over the speakers. “When disaster strikes, we can lose access to our technology. In my house, we can barely live if the Wi-Fi’s not working.”

Other presenters at the conference shared how semiconductors that use AI can adapt on their own, learning new patterns to better detect cybersecurity threats and fraud.

Companies in attendance explained how they use Intel’s AI technology to develop stronger software to prevent increasingly sophisticated fraud tactics.

Intel Vision 2022 continues Wednesday, entering day two.

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