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Introducing CoSo by Splice, an AI-assisted “music creation surface”

Splice introduces CoSo, an AI-assisted “music creation surface”

New York City-based music creation and collaboration company splice has helped producers, musicians, and creatives make projects since 2013, providing a means by which to search and download sounds, presets, plugins and more from a wide and ever-expanding library. They’ve become an industry favorite over the years, and it looks as though they’re making exciting new steps forward with their new ideation and beat-making app, CoSo by Splice.

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CoSo is a brand new app that allows you to generate ideas and beats on the fly. It works by combining complimentary Splice sounds (“CoSo” is actually short for complimentary sounds) from different keys and BPMs instantly, creating a beat for you to tinker with and change as you see fit. There are up to ten “styles”or “stacks” (the combination of sounds) categories to choose from. Beats, dance, hypothesis, slot machine, and vintage cassette are available to everyone, whereas chill, disco/funk, live, pop/edm, and Splice Studios are only usable for those who have an existing Splice subscription. Choose and change the BPM and key as you like, and change sounds in a variety of manners- you can swipe right on a sound to find a similar sound that complements the rest of your stack, swipe left to remove a sound altogether, hit the plus button to add a new one from a wide range of instruments, or simply swap it for another by pressing the three dots in the upper-right corner. Play around with your beat by pressing a sound once to mute or hold your finger down to solo. Generate a random name for your project or name it whatever you like and save it easily within the app. You can even download the sounds from Splice on a share page and drop them straight into your favorite DAW to keep your workflow moving.

CoSo by Splice is completely free to use and available on the AppleApp Store and Google Play Store, requiring only that you log into your Splice account or create one if you haven’t already. You don’t even have to have a paid subscription to Splice to get started. If you’re still on the fence or looking for more information, check out the video below to get a quick look at CoSo in action!

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