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Ja Morant unlikely to play again in Warriors series

Drew Hill: Taylor Jenkins was asked if there was even a shot Ja Morant could return in this series: “As of now, pretty doubtful.”
Source: Twitter @DrewHill_DM

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chris biderman @TheWarriorsWire
After missing Game 4 against the Warriors on Monday due to injury, Grizzlies All-Star guard Ja Morant has been diagnosed with a bone bruise and is doubtful for the remainder of the playoffs. warriorswire.usatoday.com/2022/05/10/inj… – 7:00 AM

OhmYoungmisuk @NotoriousOHM
The Grizzlies didn’t just keep their season alive. They feel they have new life as Ja Morant led “Grizz in 7” chants after Memphis destroyed Golden State espn.com/nba/story/_/id… – 3:41AM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Taylor Jenkins was asked if there was even a shot Ja Morant could return in this series:
“As of now, pretty doubtful.” – 2:19 AM

OhmYoungmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Taylor Jenkins on the team rallying without Ja Morant again: “To use my players phrase, ‘We deep.’” Jenkins added that he doesn’t say that arrogantly. He says it with confidence in his roster of him. – 12:21 AM

OhmYoungmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Asked if Ja Morant has any shot of returning for Game 6, Taylor Jenkins said, “As of now, pretty doubtful.” – 12:19 AM

Ja Morant @JaMorant
let’s get griddy @famouslos32 😂😂 – 12:13 AM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett
“GRIZZ IN 7….” –@Ja Morant pic.twitter.com/uGrtuAHDYh12:04AM

ben golliver @bengolliver
Ja Morant chanting “Grizz in 7!” in post-game on-court interview after Memphis’s Game 5 blowout win over Golden State – 12:02 AM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant is on the mic inside FedExForum chanting “Grizz in 7.” – 12:02 AM

Michael Cole @damichaelc
Ja Morant just jumped on the microphone chanting “Grizz in 7!” – 12:01 AM

David Hardisty @clutchfans
It’s very clear that Memphis is better without Ja Morant. Christian Wood and a second seems fair. – 11:38 PM

Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
Do not forget, the Grizzlies beat the OKC Thunder 152-79 during this season. Without Ja Morant… #GrzNxtGen #GrindCity11:31 PM

Chris Herrington @ChrisHerrington
The Ja Morant-less Grizzlies are treating the playoff Warriors like the Ja Morant-less Grizzlies treated the regular-season Thunder. – 11:30 PM

Peter Edmiston @petermiston
Are we gonna have a discussion about the fact that many of these beatdowns have happened without Ja Morant? Is there a discussion to be had? – 11:26 PM

Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
The Grizzlies scored 110 points in less than 36 minutes without Ja Morant. Impressive night in Memphis! #GrindCity #GrzNxtGen11:22 PM

Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba
Memphis might win this game by 50 without Ja Morant. – 11:20 PM

ben golliver @bengolliver
Ja Morant leading the cheers with Grizzlies up 30+ over Warriors in Game 5 pic.twitter.com/TqdVLjHIon11:08 PM

Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba
The Memphis Grizzlies are up to 30 without Ja Morant. – 11:03 PM

Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
It’s not hard to see how the Grizzlies went 20-5 without Ja Morant. They’re so athletic and feisty. The Warriors will need a minor miracle to come back from this in the second half. – 11:02 PM

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher
Eight people really gave Ja Morant MVP votes. pic.twitter.com/SYXSt4I4H910:59 PM

Mark Gianotto @mgiannotto
77 points. In the first half. Without Ja Morant. Trick’s on Steph Curry so far. – 10:47 PM

Chris Herrington @ChrisHerrington
The Grizzlies, without Ja Morant, just hung 77 on the Warriors in the first half. – 10:45 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Most 40-point games, last 4 postseasons:
– Giannis Antetokounmpo (now 7)
– Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant (6)
– Devin Booker, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray (4)
– Damian Lillard (3)
– James Harden, Ja Morant, Jayson Tatum (2) – 9:53 PM

Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins doubled down tonight on his previous comments insinuating that Jordan Poole intentionally injured Ja Morant: sfchronicle.com//sports/articl… – 9:01 PM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett
Coach Jenkins said the team will still continue to evaluate Ja Morant and see how he progresses in the short term right now.
I added that, “everything I hear is non-surgical.” – 7:51 PM

Jared Weiss @Jared WeissNBA
Jayson Tatum finished 6th in MVP voting, between Luka Doncic and Ja Morant. Tatum only got 4th and 5th place votes. pic.twitter.com/husNwbq9776:36 PM

Ja Morant @JaMorant
😂 – 6:30 PM

michael wallace @MyMikeCheck
my man @Marc J Spears did his thing again on this one.
‘My love for my son is underestimated’: Why Tee Morant is out front for his son, Ja Morant undf.td/3FEQj3C – 5:54 PM

Jason Dumas @JDumasReports
Mike Brown on Taylor Jenkins’ insinuation that Jordan Poole injured Ja Morant: pic.twitter.com/Lw6nwkkT7e4:07 PM

Marc J Spears @marcjspears
“My love for my son is underestimated. I’d give my life for that boy. I’d give my life for that boy because he’s a miniature version of me pretty much, because he came from me,” Tee Morant, father of Grizzlies star Ja Morant, to @andscape. #NBAPlayoffs2022 bit.ly/3yuTJnJ – 3:09 PM

Marc J Spears @marcjspears
‘My love for my son is underestimated’: Why Tee Morant is out front for his son, Ja Morant. as the #Grizzlies All-Star’s fame has risen, his father has become a courtside celebrity. But he says it’s not for attention. bit.ly/3yuTJnJ #nba #NBAPlayoffs #warriors @andscape10:28 AM

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