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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Financial companies with the best digital tools | businessnews

If you manage your finances on your phone or computer, you know how important it is to work with an institution with user-friendly digital tools. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance recently reviewed apps and websites to find the financial companies with the best digital tools.

The bank’s mobile app and website are the most user-friendly of the bunch, combining simple navigation, an attractive interface and a handy set of features for bank customers.

Account balances are displayed neatly and prominently on the home page, and you can drill down into each account to see a listing of recent transactions and other details.

One notable app feature: Rather than tapping a button to complete certain transactions, such as transferring funds or depositing a check, you drag the button across the screen.

Best card issuer: American Express

The company’s mobile app and website are simple to navigate yet provide plenty of features and functionality.

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It’s easy to find and use a chat box that provides automated answers to your questions, as well as live access to customer service representatives. Your statement balance, total balance and payment due are featured prominently at the top of the home page, and recent transactions are listed below.

Clearly marked buttons take you to pages for statements, payments, viewing and redeeming rewards balances, and managing such tasks as replacing a damaged or stolen card and altering account notifications. And customers in the Membership Rewards program can sort through card benefits on the app and use on-the-go tools.

Best mortgage lender: US Bank

Through US Bank’s website and mobile app, you can view current wait times to speak to a customer service representative on the phone and request to have a rep call you if you’d rather not wait on hold.

Customers can also “co-browse” with bank representatives, allowing clients to share their screen so they can navigate the website or app together. And last summer, the bank introduced one-way video of the representative so that customers can see the person with whom they’re talking.

In response to an influx of mortgage customers who needed financial accommodations as the pandemic caused the economy to crater, US Bank added the ability for customers to make payments through its assistance-program web portal. And all of the basic tools hold their own.

Geico gets the nod as our digital winner among insurers, with a clean, well-designed app and website that provide great features for both customers and noncustomers.

As a Geico client, you can use the app to pull up digital insurance ID cards on the go, get roadside assistance, submit photos to get an estimate of vehicle damage within about 20 minutes, make payments, and chat with a virtual assistant about billing , policies and other questions.

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