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LATAM Airlines Deploys MLOps Platform to Speed ​​AI Projects

LATAM Airlines has chosen an MLOps platform for its innovation strategy, which aims to launch 40 different AI projects this year.

LATAM Airlines selected Iguazio as its MLOps platform for its post-pandemic innovation strategy, which will see the airline group deploy over 40 AI products in the next few months.

The innovation strategy covers LATAM Airlines entire organization. It plans to use machine learning to prevent fraud on the company’s frequent flyer program, improve pilot training through better analysis of landing issues, and provide intelligent route planning to reduce carbon emissions.

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“The airline industry needs to rethink its strategy post-COVID”, said Juliana Rios, IT & Digital Vice President at LATAM Airlines. “We chose the Iguazio MLOps platform to operationalize data science, fueling more efficient and environmentally-friendly operations, enhanced safety and better customer service.”

LATAM Airlines already has a partnership with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), using tools like Google Big Query, Cloud Storage, and Workload Identity. Iguazio is already fully compatible with GCP, and does not anticipate any issues with the shift to Iguazio’s MLOps platform.

“LATAM is leading the way for other Airlines in their vision, and how they are using AI to create business value and plan for the post-pandemic future”, said Asaf Somekh, Co-Founder and CEO at Iguazio.

“They have a top-notch team of data scientists and engineers who are very knowledgeable and forward-thinking. They understand the importance of taking a production-first approach to AI in order to generate real business value across the organization.”

Optimization of the internal and consumer sides of the airline industry has been critical post-covid, as consumer behaviors and interests have changed. On the internal side, criticism of how much airlines contribute to carbon emissions has forced the industry to look at optimizing routes and scheduling.

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