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Maren Morris Shows Off Her Ultra Toned Abs In A Crop Top

  • maren morris32, really can do it all—motherhood, a successful singing career, and fabulous fashion statements.
  • The singer is looking so good at the iHeartCountry Festival, where she put her toned abs on full display in a sequined crop top.
  • Some of Maren’s favorite exercises to do with her trainer, Erin Oprea, include side planks, push-ups, squatslunges, and lunge-squats.

    Maren Morris was looking so strong and fabulous at the iHeartCountry Festival this weekend, where she put her toned midsection on full display.

    The “Circles Around This Town” singer performed a glittery set while wearing an even sparklier top at the iHeartCountry Festival in Austin, Texas. Maren, 32, rocked a silver sequined crop-top with low-rise black pants. She tied the whole outfit with the perfectly coiffed updo and a pair of silver shoes.

    2022 iheartcountry festival presented by capital one backstage

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    The country singer is looking strong AF! You can thank cardio and nutrition for that, her trainer Erin Oprea told AND! News. Oprea, who has also trained country queen Carrie Underwood, helped Maren prepare for her performance at Stagecoach Music Festival at the end of April, as well as her upcoming tour, Humble Quest, which kicks off this summer.

    “She’s happy and she feels good,” Oprea told AND! News, adding that Maren is on a mission to feel her “absolute best — not to be a certain size.” It’s something several of her clients focus on.

    “They are on their mission to feel amazing and to put on that most beautiful outfit of all: their confidence,” Oprea told the news outlet.

    When Maren’s not busy running around after her adorable 2-year-old son Hayes with husband Ryan Hurd, she is putting in WORK at the gym and on the tennis court.

    “I encourage clients to do their cardio outside of me,” Oprea told AND! News. “Sports are always the best way because when you’re chasing a ball, you’re not thinking about cardio.” That is an excellent tip that I will definitely take into consideration on my next gym day!

    Some of Marren’s favorite strength exercises are front and side planks, push-ups, squatslunges, and lunge-squats, the singer told Women’s Health. She also does crunches and core work with a BOSU ball and lifts free weights to tone her arms. Oprea often likes to mix in Tabata bursts, she told AND! News.

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    As far as her nutritional goals go, Maren starts her day with three egg whites and spinach cooked in olive oil, and wheat toast, she told Women’s Health in 2019. At lunch, she usually eats a salad with protein. “When I’m out there, I make it count. I know I’ll feel awful if I don’t eat right after burning all those calories in the show,” she said.

    After performing, she has another protein salad, like skinless chicken over spinach with lemon vinaigrette, and an “adult” drink like rosé or tequila and soda.

    Maren is simply the best!

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