Meghan McCain Slams Biden Admin For Baby Formula Shortage, Says Officials Would Be Prepared If ‘Erectile Dysfunction Pills Were At Risk’ – Jahanagahi

Meghan McCain Slams Biden Admin For Baby Formula Shortage, Says Officials Would Be Prepared If ‘Erectile Dysfunction Pills Were At Risk’

Meghan McCain said “sheer incompetence” is to blame for the baby formula shortage and suggested that if “erectile dysfunction pills were at risk,” the government “would have snapped into action.”

The former co-host of “The View” slammed President Joe Biden’s administration, lawmakers, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for failing to prevent the shortage of baby formula.

In a column for the Daily Mail published on Tuesday, McCain wrote that the situation is nothing “short of a crisis.”

The headline read, “If America’s supply of erectile dysfunction pills were at risk then our government would have snapped into action, but when it came to a mass shortage of life-sustaining baby formula this administration dragged its feet.”

“For one, this crisis did not just appear out of the blue,” McCain wrote. “Stores have struggled for months to keep the formula on the shelves. Pandemic-induced supply chain issues slowed down production and distribution as manufacturers had trouble obtaining ingredients and hiring workers.”

“Shoppers started to notice sparsely stocked shelves back in November 2021,” she added. “Then the Food and Drug Administration shutdown a top formula manufacturer in Sturgis, Michigan in February and recalled some products coming out of the plant. Out-of-stock rates spiked in April and today at least 40% of baby formula products are reportedly sold out.”

The former Fox News host said that “maybe the supply chain issues were unavoidable, and the FDA recall was obviously justified,” but added that the “government’s response” has been “totally pathetic.”

McCain wrote the recall combined with the supply chain issues “should have raised concerns” over a shortage and that the Biden administration should have had a plan put in place before it became a crisis.

“Nothing but sheer incompetence, laziness and ineptitude are to blame for mothers in America now being petrified that they will be unable to feed their babies,” Meghan explained. “Shame on our country, shame on our government, shame on our lawmakers and absolutely shame on the FDA.”

“I find it hard to believe that if there was a whistleblower warning about a factory making defective Cialis or anything having to do with erectile dysfunction issues it would not have taken this long for the FDA to act or for Americans to be alerted,” she added.

McCain closed out her article by asking, “if we are a country who neglects new mothers and babies’ needs, who exactly are we?”

“President Biden and his administration need to be exhausting every possible effort to address this immediately,” Meghan wrote. “Fix it now or this will not only be a permanent disgrace to your legacy but the legacy of our country as well.”

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