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‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1 Finale on The CW, Ending Explained

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Tuesday. Naomi end of season.

In the first half of NaomiOn Tuesday, in the season 1 finale, the main character learned from the spirits of his deceased parents that they had been betrayed.

In the second half, Naomi learns that the traitors were none other than her adoptive parents, Jennifer and Greg. Her revelation, which the teen superhero discovered by touching a part of her spaceship, shook Naomi to the core and sent her defiantly flying in a maelstrom of emotions.

Mouzam Makkar, who plays Jennifer, knows Naomi fans will immediately want to part ways with the pair the same way their favorite metahuman did. But Makkar argues that there is more to the story than meets the eye, and if there is a second season, viewers will take notice.

“It really hurts because Jennifer is the mother that everyone wants,” Makkar tells TVLine. “He is very supportive of Naomi and encouraged her to become the wonderful young woman that she is. But the betrayal is heartbreaking, and it’s also very exciting to play a betrayal. [Executive producer] Ava DuVernay told me about my character’s journey for the first season and I was blown away because we didn’t know the details until we got the final script.”

Naomi, Greg and JenStill, Makkar reasons, Jennifer and Greg’s love. (Seventh sky‘s Barry Watson) that they feel for Naomi is real, even if they did something as vile as murdering her birth parents.

“You can’t fake love when you’ve been raising a kid for 16 years,” he said. Law & Order: SVU explains the vet. “It’s going to be exciting. Hopefully when we get a season 2, the rest of what happened will be fully explored. As an actor, it’s always fun to play with the dark. Every human being has a dark side and a light side, and I think our minds can travel to all sorts of places when we’re angry or sad. What can really push a human being to do something so drastic?

Until there are more answers, Makkar bravely says that he is not afraid of hate from fans on social media.

“I’m ready to accept everything,” she supposes. “As a fan reading the script, I was also heartbroken. Naomi has been through a lot and her parents have been her guides. It’s a good hit. Even after the scene was over, Barry and I stood there and said, ‘This is horrible that this is happening to Naomi.’ So I get it… and I’m ready to embrace the hate.”

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