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Networks Cancel ‘Mr. Mayor, ”Kenan, ”Naomi, ‘and More

The CW, CBS and NBC announced a series of cancellations, restricting the scope of what airs for airtime.

TV executives have just taken a broadsword to the broadcast networks’ collective list of existing series. In a swarm of cancellation and renewal announcements ahead of next week’s initial announcements, NBC, The CW and CBS scrapped a combined 13 series. Yes, all in one day.

The CW has canceled Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship’s superhero series “Naomi” after one season, just two days after the final broadcast. The companions of the CW DC series “Batwoman” and “Legends of Tomorrow” were shown the door earlier.

The network announced that the upcoming “Legacies” season 4 finale will now serve as the Serie final. The end of the third iteration of “Vampire Diaries” ends the 13-year reign of the bloodthirsty franchise.

Also, on Thursday, The CW removed “Roswell, New Mexico,” “The 4400,” “Dynasty,” “In the Dark” and the “Charmed” reboot. “Roswell, New Mexico” and “In the Dark” still have summer seasons to burn; both will be released on June 6, said this afternoon the channel of young trend and digital trend (which go hand in hand).

Meanwhile, NBC has canceled Kenan Thompson’s eponymous sitcoms “Kenan” and “Mr. Mayor” after two seasons each. And despite its strong ad campaign, NBC’s “The Endgame,” which saw Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe entangled in a cat and mouse heist, is itself the end of the game.

CBS announced that Chuck Lorre’s sitcoms “United States of Al” and “B Positive” were also finished. Both series put a positive spin on a tense theme: “United States of Al” centers on a Marine combat veteran (Parker Young) struggling to adjust to civilian life in Ohio alongside Al, the performer who served in his military unit in Afghanistan (Adhir Kalyan). The series pivoted in season 2 to address the Taliban crisis in Afghanistan after US troops withdrew from the nation. “United States of Al” was technically canceled last night: a few more minutes and today’s count would be 14.

“B Positive” followed the budding romance between kidney transplant recipient Drew (Thomas Middleditch) and donor Gina (Annaleigh Ashford). Both of Lorre’s comedies ran for two seasons. Hey, not everything can be “The Big Bang Theory”.

CBS also announced that the revival of “Magnum PI,” starring Jay Hernandez in the title role, is taking place after four seasons. The medical drama “Good Sam” starring Sophia Bush and the bowling sitcom “How We Roll,” the latter of which was based on the life of professional bowler Tom Smallwood (played by comedian Pete Holmes), both ended up in the gutter after their respective freshman seasons.

Additional reporting by Tony Maglio.

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