NFL schedule leaks 2022 live updates: Lions-Patriots Week 5 – Jahanagahi

NFL schedule leaks 2022 live updates: Lions-Patriots Week 5

It’s NFL schedule release day, which means the 2022 regular season schedule is slowly leaking out. While the NFL plans to announce the schedule at 8 pm, some games on the schedule will be leaked throughout the day, including some Detroit Lions games.

This story will be updated as those games are revealed:

10:33 a.m.: Week 5 at Patriots

The Patriot Way has (thankfully) left town, but the Lions will get a reminder of what they don’t miss this fall when they visit former head coach Matt Patricia and the New England Patriots in early October, according to the Boston Herald.

Patricia came to Detroit from New England in 2018 and was fired after three miserable seasons. He holds a prominent but mysterious role on the Patriots coaching staff, serving as some combination of offensive line coach and offensive coordinator who signs his name from him to contracts and perhaps is being groomed to take over for Bill Belichick one day.

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