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No. 1 in a row! Kingdee wins the Gartner’s High Productivity aPaaS market in China

SHENZHEN, CHINA, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Gartner, an authoritative international advisory firm, released the report “Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2021”, which pointed out that in the field of High Productivity aPaaS (High Productivity aPaaS), Kingdee overwhelmed Microsoft, MendixOracle and many other foreign companies to win the No. 1 market share in Chinaaccounting for 23.84% and ranking fourth in the whole Asian-Pacific region, being the most forward-ranked Chinese cloud service provider in the Asian-Pacific region and the only one in the top five in China. Kingdee has once again reported satisfactory result to the outside world with the Performance of “the No. 1 market share” for its cloud platform.

According to the report, the Kingdee Cloud Cosmic ranked first in the Chinese market share of high productivity aPaaS with a market share figure of 23.84%, which is an important achievement of Kingdee ‘s deep insight into the nature of Chinese enterprise management over the years , and also illustrates the rise of Chinese software companies from another perspective.

In recent years, with the development trend of digital cloud, the traditional ERP system is aging, and the new EBC digital ecosystem (Enterprise Business Capability) was born as a response to the development of enterprises in the digital era. Compared with ERP, EBC places more emphasis on business capabilities, helping enterprises to shift their focus from internal management to the entire industry chain ecology, and from process-driven to digital-driven. In the future, all enterprises should become assembly enterprises. More and more enterprises will support business innovation and management reconstruction by building assembly EBC to create resilient enterprises. With the gradual improvement of the product technology capability and the increasing improvement of the industry chain of the information technology application innovation of domestic companies represented by Kingdee, domestic companies have gradually become a better choice than overseas companies.

With Kingdee’s nearly three decades of experience in enterprise services and accumulation in business capabilities, the Kingdee Cloud Cosmic platform has become the best practice for EBC implementation in the Chinese enterprise market. The assembly enterprise PaaS platform, built on a new generation of enterprise IT architecture represented by cloud-native, distributed, middle-office, organically integrates and assembles innovative technologies such as low code, Integrated weaving, Data intelligence, security and trust with Kingdee’s years of enterprise service accumulation, helping enterprises to quickly build digital technology capabilities with stable performance, high resilience, strong adaptability, and independent control, providing enterprises with multi-scenario, multi-level and new mode of digital support, and accelerating enterprises to realize digital innovation and reform.

Since its launch, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic has been tested by more than 500 large and multinational enterprises, and has also been recognized and verified by large enterprises in terms of stability, high reliability and the construction of modern enterprise IT architecture. China Merchants Group, Huawei, Huaneng Group, WZ Group, Shagang Group, Yunnan Tobacco, HMNTech and other large enterprises that have been among the top 500 for many years have completed the reconstruction, transformation and upgrading of many core business platforms under the support of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic.

It is reported that in addition to the Gartner report, according to IDC’s recent report, the Insight into the Cloud Service Market of China’s ERP Application Platform, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic ranked first in the public cloud market of application cloud platform, with a market share of 21.93%.

After 29 years of development, Kingdee has accumulated strong technical strength and has comparable international technical standards; helped more than 6.8 million enterprises build a new generation of enterprise business capabilities, continuously enabled the construction of “Digital China”, and jointly advocated with Gartner and other institutions and enterprises to put forward the fourth generation of enterprise management reform after ERP – EBC ( Enterprise Business Capabilities). In the future, Kingdee will continue to help enterprises build independent and controllable business innovation and digital management platform capabilities, join hands with more enterprises to build world-class enterprises, realize “digital governance enterprises, resilient growth”, and make Chinese software rise in the world.

About Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited

Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited (“Kingdee International” or “Kingdee”) was established in 1993. It is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 0268.HK) and headed in ShenZhen, China. Adhering to the core values ​​of “Acting in all Conscience, with Integrity and Righteousness”, the Company is committed to helping businesses achieve their growth targets through dedicated services. It strives to provide clients with the most trusted enterprise service platform.

According to IDC, Kingdee ranked as No.1 in the SaaS ERM (Enterprise Resource Management Cloud Service) for Large, Medium and SME enterprises in China, maintaining the No.1 in the market share in terms of SaaS EA (Enterprise Application Software Cloud Services) and Finance Cloud. Meanwhile, Kingdee has become the only Enterprise SaaS vendor in China that has entered into the top five of Gartner’s application platform software in 2020, as well as the only Chinese vendor to be selected in IDC’s Asia-Pacific manufacturing ERP SaaS MarketScape, as a Contender. In addition, Kingdee Cloud was selected in “The State of Low-Code Platforms of Forrester”, having the most case studies among all enterprise PaaS+SaaS platforms. Kingdee has attached great importance to user privacy and data security, and obtained the “grand slam” of security and privacy certifications, including ISO27001, ISO27701, Grade III Protection of Information Security, Cloud Security Alliance CSA-STAR.

Many cloud service products of Kingdee have won the favor of benchmark enterprises, including Kingdee Cloud Cosmic (new-generation PaaS Platform for enterprises), Kingdee Cloud Constellation (SaaS solution for large enterprises), Kingdee Cloud Galaxy (SaaS solution for medium-sized enterprises). ), Kingdee Cloud Stellar (SaaS solution for micro and small enterprises). Kingdee has provided software management and cloud services for more than 6.8 million enterprises, governments and organizations across the world.



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