Gotham Knights PS5

Gotham Knights won’t ship with any microtransactions when it launches for PlayStation 5 on 25th October 2022. It also won’t have any in-game purchases, you won’t need to connect to the internet to play the campaign in single player, and you’ll only have to subscribe to PSPlus should you want to head online for some co-op action. All these points have been confirmed on the game’s official website on a FAQ page.

The page reads: “No. Gotham Knights will not have in-game purchases or microtransactions.” It then explains how you won’t need to be online in order to play the game by yourself, but you’ll obviously need to connect to the internet should you want to utilize online co-op. The page also confirms Gotham Knights won’t have any local couch co-op: “Co-op mode can only be played with online with an internet connection.” A PS Plus membership is required to team up with a friend online, but you won’t be able to play with buddies on other systems via cross-play. The feature “is not planned at this time”.

Today was a bit of an info blowout for Gotham Knights, headlined by an extensive 13-minute gameplay demo. It was also announced the PS4 version has been canceled “to provide players with the best possible gameplay experience”.