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Paris Hilton reveals she was sexually abused as a minor, lobbies for change in DC

B.ak in 2020, reality tv star Paris Hilton accused her former school of abuse and intrusive misconduct against her. Since then, she has done everything in her power to lobby for change alongside other victims of abuse. In an op-ed written for USA Today, Hilton revealed new allegations of sham gynecological exams she was forced to endure in the middle of the night.

This all happened during her time checked into Provo Canyon School in Utah, a facility that was allegedly for troubled teens. For years, there has been a lot of chatter about these facilities and their mistreatment of minors.

Paris Hilton in DC advocating for victims of institutional child abuseAP

Hilton decided to take her issue to congress in Washington DC alongside many survivors and staged a press conference. She spoke about these new allegations and made both democrats and republicans look at this issue as bi-partisan.

Husband Carter Reum joined Paris Hilton in her demonstration that took place between the Capitl building and the Washington Monument. In an art installation that resembles a solitary confinement booth, Hilton wore flats and a hoodie to represent this abuse many teens have suffered in these facilities over the years.

Hilton and fellow survivors demand new legislature.

During her presentation, fellow survivors and state senators joined her to converse about this issue. Both sides agreed this has to be a bipartisan issue. But Hilton wrote the following on her op-ed: “For too long, our government has allowed this deceptive industry to operate in the shadows without any real transparency or accountability.

“If we tried to protest or question anything, they said it was a bad dream. They told us to stop making things up. But looking back on these experiences as an adult woman, I can recognize these exams for what they were: the sexual assault of children. Abuse at these facilities takes many forms.” As of right now, the school where Paris Hilton suffered this abuse has declined to comment.


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