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Phil Jackson reportedly wants Lakers to trade LeBron James

Phil Jackson, the legendary head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers who guided them to five NBA championships in the 2000s, is reportedly advising his old team in his search for a new coach.

Some really do not like the influence he seems to have on the team and on Jeanie Buss, its owner and his former girlfriend/fiance.

Now, Jackson reportedly has a bold suggestion for Buss and the Lakers.

He thinks they should trade LeBron James, their best player and their best hope of winning another world title any time soon.

Via Lakers Daily:

“According to Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Timesformer Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson would like to see LeBron James traded from the team.”

“I’ve heard that Phil would like LeBron traded,” said Plaschke. “I’ve just heard that.”

Jackson is a man who may not respect James the way he respects Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He came under fire not too long ago for referring to James’ business team at Klutch Sports, his agency de el, as his “posse,” which led some to accuse the Zen Master of being racially insensitive for his use of the word “posse .”

If that wasn’t enough…

If plenty of Lakers fans won’t exactly cringe at Jackson’s suggestion that the team should get rid of James, they likely will cringe at his other major suggestion.

“I do know that Phil would like to keep [Russell] Westbrook and try to make it work with him,” said Plaschke.

By all appearances, the Lakers at least trying to trade Westbrook is inevitable. James’ camp reportedly wanted him dealt with a few months ago, as did members of the team’s coaching staff.

Perhaps the only thing that would prevent Westbrook from being traded is if the team’s next head coach has a plan for making his offense work with him and makes a powerful plea to management to keep him on the roster.

Although Buss has admitted that she has been consulting Jackson for advice, there is no evidence that he has any final say in personnel decisions or an official title within the organization.



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