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Protein Bar With Medieval Expiration Date Delights Internet

An image shared on the Reddit forum “Mildly Interesting” left viewers confused and amused after they saw what followed the expiration date printed on a protein bar might be downright medieval.

Posted by u/SpasticGoldenToys, “July 22 1364” was displayed on the side of a TRIBE protein bar’s wrapper. Commenters rushed to crack jokes about what was printed, while some provided a potential explanation.

“My protein bar expired in medieval times,” read the title of u/SpasticGoldenToys’ post, which received 23,000 votes at the time of publication.

Medieval Protein Bar Expiration Date
A Reddit post showing what followed a protein bar’s expiration date went viral. Above, a man prepares to eat a protein bar.

According to Healthline, different brands of protein bars contain varying nutrient compositions.

“This is largely due to their varying ingredients,” the piece stated. “Many protein bars may be made from dates and dried fruit, nuts and seeds and whole grains like oats or quinoa.”

Per TRIBE’s website, products from the brand are made from plant-based proteins. The only non-vegan ingredient in the products is honey.

Redditor u/SpasticGoldenToys wrote to Newsweek that he purchased the protein bars last week, calling them his “favorite daily snack,” and did not check the dates on the other bars.

“I ate them right after I took the photo,” he said.

With 23,000 votes and more than 300 comments, u/SpasticGoldenToys said he did not expect the response he received from the post.

“Be careful, protein bar could be carrying plague fleas,” a commenter wrote.

“Extra crunch,” another Reddit user replied.

One joked that the protein bar was King Edward III’s favorite snack.

Poking fun at the “five-second rule,” another wrote, “658 year rule!”

“‘Tis still palatable,” a comment read.

A Redditor provided a possible explanation behind the numbers following the wrapper’s “best before end” note.

“No one cares but that’s best before end of July 2022, not July 22, 1364,” they wrote, noting that 1364 may be the batch code the protein bar came from.

One wrote that it was a “bad code date format.”

“I wish there were federal guidelines for code dates, similar to nutritional facts,” they commented.

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