Robb Flynn on Trevor Strnad: “We couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador for metal”

Trevor Strand was a funny, witty, smart, sweet guy. He was such a massive presence, an incredible frontman, a metal maniac. Everybody I know who met him loved the dude.

The very first time I ever met him was back in the mid-2000’s. Machine Head was touring the US and we had a day off. Cannibal Corpse were playing a show that night, so we went to see them. The Black Dahlia Murder was on the bill, and we caught the end of their set – they sounded great, and we ended up hanging out. Municipal Waste was playing a show the same night in a small club down the street. We were like, “Let’s go fucking rage at Municipal Waste!” So we all went down there, and Trevor came with us.

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