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Sandman Photo Delivers Best Image Yet of Tom Sturridge’s Dream

A new high resolution still image from Netflix’s highly anticipated series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed Vertigo Comics title. The Sandman offers the best look yet at actor Tom Sturridge as the main lead Dream of the Endless, aka Morpheus.

shared by entertainment weekly, the image shows Sturridge’s Morpheus sporting a black cape-like outfit and holding his iconic helmet, which is one of his three power totems. This would imply that the alembic is taken from the second half of the The Sandman Season 1, after Morpheus retrieves the Helm from the depths of Hell.

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Sandman fans previously saw Sturridge as Morpheus in a first-look promo released in September 2021, as well as a character poster released around the same time.

“I think I’ve personally seen 1,500 Morpheus auditions. I hesitate to imagine how many [casting director] Lucinda Syson and her team have seen,” Gaiman said. ew about the process that brought the creative team for the Netflix series to Sturridge. “Having seen all those other auditions, we were able to go to Netflix and say, ‘It’s Tom. We know it’s Tom.'”

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However, Sturridge himself says he can’t complain about the lengthy casting process. “It was completely necessary, because this is a character that is very loved, by me more than anyone,” explained the actor. “That requires you to spend time with a human being to find out if he can measure up to the sleep you have who it is… I think The Sandman permeates the culture. Even the name Morpheus, King of Dreams, haunted me in my youth.”

Originally written by Gaiman, penciled by Sam Kieth, inked by Mike Dringenberg, colored by Robbie Busch, and lettered by Todd Klein, The Sandman released by DC Comics in December 1988, and would become a mainstay of the publisher’s now-defunct Vertigo imprint. The first narrative arc of the comic, Preludes and Nocturnes, follows Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, who is captured and held prisoner by a cult for 70 years. Following his escape, Morpheus begins searching for his lost totems (a helmet, a sandbag, and a Dream Stone) so that he can retrieve all of his power.

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The first season of Netflix The Sandmanwhich is scheduled for a total of 11 episodes, will be adapted Preludes and Nocturnes – also, in Gaiman’s own words, “a little more”. One key difference, however, is that while the comic took place in 1988, the show takes place in 2021, with Morpheus held captive for 105 years, instead of 70.

from netflix The Sandman It still lacks an official premiere date, although the show is expected to arrive in 2022.

Source: entertainment weekly

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