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Scott Disick had awkward fights with Kris and Kendall Jenner over Kourtney Kardashian

Kris called Scott “suspicious” in a heated argument after he confronted her about not inviting him to her birthday dinner, while Kendall ended up in a full rage in a separate dispute.

In the last episode of The Kardashiansthe growing tensions between the entire Kar-Jenner family and Scott Disick reached new heights.

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In recent weeks, the Hulu reality series has documented things getting increasingly awkward between Scott and the others as ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship with Travis Barker progresses.

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In some context, Scott has been a key part of the Kar-Jenner inner circle for more than a decade, ever since he began dating Kourtney in 2006, before E! reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, it had just started.

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But Scott and Kourtney’s on-and-off relationship was marred by their problems with alcohol and substance abuse, as well as infidelity.

They ended up calling it quits for good in 2015, but remained great friends and friendly co-parents to their three children: Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

And the Kardashians have fully accepted Scott as one of their own, with the business mogul often expressing how he sees them as his only family after his parents’ death.

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But ever since Kourtney’s current relationship with her now-fiancé Travis has gotten increasingly serious, things have gotten noticeably awkward between Scott and the rest of the group, who have constantly had to anticipate how she’s been coping.

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Scott, who had previously expressed hopes of rekindling things with Kourt, took the news of their new romance incredibly hard. When the couple got engaged, he sarcastically said that Travis “had a lot of work,” while expressing his annoyance that he wasn’t invited to the big proposal. He even grimly questioned whether or not he would be included in his wedding during last week’s episode of The Kardashians.

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And in this week’s installment, Scott directly calls out the family, namely matriarch Kris Jenner, for seemingly excluding him from family events.

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It all starts when the duo go out for lunch at a small restaurant. After a few seconds of small talk, things get awkward when Kris jokes that the family was going to call the new show hers. the sick instead of The Kardashians – leading Scott to question his current involvement in their lives entirely.

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“We were going to call [our new show] the Disicks,She jokes, before Scott jumps in, “But then you felt like you don’t invite me to half the shit you do anymore anyway, so why call him? the sick? ”

After an awkward break, Kris tries to ease the tension when she says, “I took you out to lunch for my birthday!” But Scott remains unconvinced, replying, “Is this our birthday lunch? This is not your birthday lunch.”

Kris, who has a big smile on her face, continues to play with this narrative. Scott calls her out for “lying”, saying, “This is not an appropriate place you would go to celebrate someone’s birthday. Especially not your glamorous butt. What’s going on, some birthday party?

Awkwardly, Kris replies, “Um, it’s not really a birthday party. There are no grandchildren, but some of my children will come, they have not seen the house at all.

Scott bluntly asks, “Is that a party?” Now changing her tune, Kris says, “Well, I eat dinner. Let’s go to dinner.”

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Visibly upset, Scott asks when this “dinner” will take place. Kris tells him “Friday,” to which he replies, “Nobody told me.”

Clearly trying to explain herself, Kris says, “Well, I don’t know. I feel like I’m cheating on Kourtney,” before Scott interjects, asking, “Why? Why wouldn’t he come? You told me that I was your blood-related son when my parents died.”

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Kris looks puzzled and says, “I still feel the same way.” Scott replies, “Obviously not.”

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“If you want to come hang out, come hang out. It’s not something I’ve really invited anyone to a party with,” she says, as she explains in a confessional that the situation at stake hurts her because of how close she and Scott are.

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“You’re obviously doing something and you’re embarrassed to hide it from me,” Scott yells at Kris, who maintains that she “isn’t doing anything.”

Still unconvinced, Scott continues to ask about the details of the seemingly quiet dinner. When he asks if there will be a chef, Kris smiles and says, “More or less,” before revealing that she actually hired the service from high-end restaurant Nobu.

“I don’t know how Kris is trying to make me understand that ‘it’s not a party.’ a meal in one of the most elegant restaurants in the world.

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“Sounds like the fucking Oscars,” he continues. And you’re trying to take me to lunch at Maria’s for a chopped salad? What am I, chopped liver?!”

Kris finally tells Scott that if he and Travis are “cool,” she’ll be glad he comes to her birthday dinner. Clearly offended by the comment, Scott replies, “We’re well. For me, hearing that you’re having a little party and you’re not going to invite me makes me feel like complete shit. I love you, but how did you think I would feel?

At this point, Kris seems impatient with Scott and insists that he needs to “grow up”. She says in a confessional: “Kourtney met his soul mate. That must be hard for Scott to absorb. But I never expected him to be so angry and upset about this. He just needs to grow up and be a little more mature.”

After turning down Kris’s belated invitation, Scott expresses that he doesn’t want to go somewhere he “didn’t want to”, ultimately calling the whole thing “bad”.

“Can you imagine if I singled you out? It’s just bad,” she says. Kris replies, “I don’t have a bad bone in my body,” to which Scott replies, “You do!”

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After an extensive break, Kris says, “Wow. That’s shady,” before the cameras cut to the next scene of the episode.

Despite the incredibly awkward argument, Scott shows up to Kris’s birthday dinner. Also in attendance were Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble, Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Travis, and close family friends including Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

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Scott, Kourtney and Travis strike up a very short and quick conversation during the night. Things get a little awkward when the pair show off part of their infamous PDA tableside, to the sight of an uncomfortable-looking Scott.

Reacting to the couple, Scott simply says in a confessional: “[Kourtney] found someone. I am happy here. She has a man who loves her, and she deserves it. Because it was so many years that I did not put it first.

But while the dinner goes pretty smoothly, things heat up once again later in the episode when Scott, Kris, and Kendall Jenner once again talk about their involvement in their events.

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Kendall, who came to Scott’s defense in last week’s episode, immediately expresses her love for him. “I love Scott. I mean, I’ve known him since he was a baby, since he was a kid, since they started dating, since before our show started,” she says in a confessional. Scott is my brother. Like, we’re basically blood at this point.”

“It would be very strange if he wasn’t part of our family, and I don’t think there’s a day when he’s not part of our family in some way,” she says.

But things take a sour turn when Scott asks Kris and Kendall if he’s invited to their upcoming Thanksgiving plans, throwing in a not-so-subtle nuance in the process.

“What’s going on for Thanksgiving? Has that already been banned? he says.

After explaining that he is, in fact, invited, Kris further expresses his frustration in a confessional, accusing Scott of playing the “victim.”

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“Sometimes Scott can play a bit of a victim, and I feel like that’s what’s going on here right now,” he says. “I just want everyone to be happy, but don’t put me in the middle.”

Scott then turns to Kendall and asks why she didn’t invite him to her birthday dinner, which she explains was “very intimate” with only “15 people”. Adding that the quiet event was initially only going to involve all of her friends, Kendall tells Scott that she wasn’t invited because she didn’t want Kourtney, who did attend, to be “awkward.”

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The two go back and forth in a heated debate over who is right. Scott, who repeatedly talks about Kendall, maintains that she at least should have approached him with an invitation or a tip.

“You’re right, I should have texted you. But I’ve been the one who’s had that attitude about it all along,” she says, before adding that she’s “sorry” Scott for prioritizing Kourtney’s feelings over her own.

However, Scott continues to talk about her and doesn’t seem to take her apology very well. Eventually, Kendall storms off, telling him that she’s over this shit.

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So, it’s safe to say that things ended on a pretty explosive note.

And it looks like next week’s episode will explore the aftermath of the tense argument, with a short snippet of the conversations that followed.

“Nobody wants to deal with anything in this family,” he tells Kris. Kendall also appears to confront Scott about the dispute, telling him that he “immediately attacked” her.

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You can watch the latest episode of The Kardashians now on Hulu or Disney+ internationally. The next episode will premiere on May 18.

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