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ScreenRant Writer Andy Behbakht Calls People A**holes If They Celebrate The CW Shows Like Naomi Being Axed

ScreenRant writer Andy Behbakht took to Twitter to attack people calling them a**holes if they celebrate The CW axing shows like Ava DuVernay’s Naomi.

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Behbakht wrote, “PSA: If you’re celebrating any of #TheCW shows being canceled today, let me make this crystal clear to you: You’re celebrating hundreds and hundreds of people losing their jobs, especially during a pandemic (YES, IT’s NOT OVER).”

I added, “You’re an absolute 100% a**hole, 100% fact.”

Source: Andy Behbakht Twitter

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Behbakht would later interact with freelancer writer and Legends of Tomorrow podcast host Morgan Glennon and informed her that The CW’s renewed Superman & Lois, All American and Nancy Drew .

In response Glennon tweeted, “I don’t want to read into it but like…seeing some trends in what got canceled and what got renewed.”

Behbakht replied, “Morgan, that is exactly what is happening so you are reading into it 100% correct.”

Source; Andy Behbakht Twitter

It’s unclear what Behbakht means when he says “that is exactly what is happening,” but anyone looking at the ratings of the shows that were canceled can see they were not performing at all.

All the shows that The CW has axed had average viewership below 528,000 that includes Naomi, 4400, Charmed, and Dynasty as you can see in the chart below from TV Series Finale.

Source: TV Series Finale

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Behbakht’s comments are not out of the ordinary for him. He routinely called fans racists for criticizing the portrayal of Starfire on HBO Max’s Titans series, which originally aired on the now defunct DC Universe streaming service.

Back in 2018, I tweeted, “What me and our Starfire/AnnaDiop squad will do to all the racist haters when they get constantly reminded of how bad-a** she is on Titans and how amazing ALL of her looks are on the show.” .”

Source: Andy Behbakht Twitter

In July of 2018 I posted to Instagram, “I have had enough of these entitled, disgusting and racist whitebros who have been going after the lovely Anna Diop (who will do an incredible job bringing Starfire to life on Titans) – social media should be a place for celebration and amplifying our love for these characters.”

He added, “I feel awful for Anna who has had to witness this unforgiving hatred from some really pathetic people.”

Source: Andy Behbakht Instagram

In reaction to the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel in Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid, he wrote, “To any whining fanboy who even tries to think of an attempt at attacking Halle Bailey being cast as The Little Mermaid —- don’t you freaking dare.”

I have added, “Don’t you dare come with your nonsense “BUT ARIEL IS WHITE AND RED HAIR.” Halle is freaking amazing and is going to rule as Ariel.”

Source: Andy Behbakht Twitter

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Ironically, I have included a Stan Lee gif with the tweet. Lee had some pointed words about race swapping when it came to Spider-Man, ““I wouldn’t mind if, Peter Parker had originally been black, a Latino, an Indian or anything else, that he stayed that way. But we originally made him white. I don’t see any reason to change that.”

Lee added, “It has nothing to do with being anti-gay, or anti-black, or anti-Latino, or anything like that. Latino characters should stay Latino. The Black Panther should certainly not be Swiss. I just see no reason to change that which has already been established when it’s so easy to add new characters. I say create new characters the way you want to. Hell, I’ll do it myself.”

Source: Marvel Entertainment YouTube

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In another ironic moment, in 2013, after sharing his dream casting for the Justice League which included Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Grant Gustin as The Flash, and Stephen Amell as Green Arrow, Behbakht claimed he felt “racist.”

I have tweeted, “Ok, now I actually feel racist – why are almost 90% of the core members of the JLA white lol.”

Source: Andy Behbakht Twitter

What do you make of Behbakht calling people a**holes if they cheer on the axing of The CW shows like Naomi?

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