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Speed ​​Up Deliverables with MASV Multiconnect by… Combining the Internet?

We all have multiple internet sources. Now you can wrap them together for faster file delivery.

Every once in a while, you need to deliver big media files, but fast. MASV (pronounced “massive”) has always been one of our favorite tools to do so. Its servers are optimized for video, and in our testing, we sometimes get up to five times the speed with MASV over competitors like Dropbox.

Speed ​​has always been their key feature, but there are also some other perks. Let’s check out the whole thing.

Big Files, Multiple Internet Sources

Sometimes you need to deliver big files even faster than normal and the bottleneck isn’t your software, like MASV, but your internet. Maybe you have cable internet at home or even fiber with something like FIOS. Even with those speeds, it’s still not enough. You also have a 5G phone, you could switch to that, but it’s only slightly faster.

One thing that folks frequently have asked—is there a way to use both at once, doubling your speed and cutting down your upload time?

There are things called load sharing routers, but it gets complicated to set that all up, and involves a hardware investment. The gang over at MASV has a different solution that they call Multiconnect.

Now you can wrap together multiple internet solutions into a single pipeline to get increased speed. So if you have your WiFi, your neighbor’s WiFi, and your 5G phone with tethering, you can combine all three together into a single superfast delivery. Check out the video below:

Obviously, this is only going to work for delivering files through MASV (you can’t use this tool to speed up your email attachments, for instance). But whether you are in the field shooting and in a rush to get media to the home office, or delivering a final file under deadline, there are absolutely going to be times when a feature like this is a lifesaver.

One big hope we have here is that we’ll see some integration coming soon with tools like the new Blackmagic Cloud Drive. The dropbox integration there is slick, but we love both the speed and the billability of MASV and hopefully, that will be one of the first integrations.

Massive Services

As always, the beauty of MASV is that it’s not a subscription, but a clean pay-as-you-go system.

You pay for the data you share/send, which is great since if you take a few months off work, you aren’t still paying. It’s even better since it makes it way easier to account for your data use. You can more easily add “file delivery” to an invoice since MASV helps make it clear what project you used for what.

For more info, check out the MASV site.

Remember, if one of the networks you are adding is your phone 5G, check your data plan. If you get charged for the extra data, add that to the client invoice as well.

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