Supporter group stands silent, defiant over Detroit City FC profanity crackdown

hamtramck — If you turned on ESPN Plus on Tuesday night hoping to see Michigan’s rowdiest sports environment, you would have been disappointed for the first couple of minutes.

In protest of new “arbitrary and capricious rules” at Detroit City FC home games, the Northern Guard Supporters went completely silent from the time leading up to kickoff in a Round of 32 US Open Cup match against Louisville City FC until the moment the clock hit the five-minute mark.

The DCFC supporter section is silent for the start of Tuesday's US Open Cup game in protest.

Detroit City FC caused a stir on social media at the end of last week when it twice posted that profane apparel and chants would not be allowed at Keyworth Stadium. NGS posted a statement to social media on Sunday night saying that they planned to “punch back” at Tuesday’s game.

Information sheets were passed out amongst supporters at the Fowling Warehouse on Christopher Street detailing the protest.

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