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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Don’t fall for that life insurance ad on TV | businessnews

It’s a scenario that John Buenger encounters all too often at his independent insurance agency. People see an ad for life insurance on TV, but when they ask for more details, the policy isn’t what they expected. “The fine print on these ads goes by so quickly that when people call in to get more […]

Artificial intelligence

Malbek enriches AI functionality and adds CLM Value Assessment Tool in recent update

Malbek, providers of an AI-fueled Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, is introducing availability expanded platform capabilities and a new CLM Value Assessment tool, putting the spotlight on real time Redline Recommendations. Using the platform’s proprietary Lifecycle AI running NLP Heuristics with Semantic Analysis, this functionality helps to identify all contracts with similar asks received from […]


How to Get Cell Phone Insurance for Free

photo: Andrey_Popov (Shutterstock) Are you constantly worried about dropping your phone or it getting stolen? Maybe you already pay out of pocket each month for cell phone insurance, which at least give you peace of mind. But you might be spending money on something your credit card will give you for free. Many credit cards […]