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Team Cherry (Kind Of) Shares Update About Development Status Of Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hollow Knight Silksong
Image: Team Cherry

If there’s one indie game Nintendo Switch fans are absolutely dying to get their hands on, it’s got to be Hollow Knight: Silk Song.

For those of you who are eager for a bit of an update on this follow-up to original release, it seems we’ve finally got one. At the end of last month, the Unity Blog posted its ‘Unity Awards’ for 2021 – Silksong took out the most anticipated release and Team Cherry actually provided a bit of an update about the status of the project.

It’s eager to share more, and doesn’t think it’ll be much longer… Here it is in full:

We’re honored that Hollow Knight: Silk Song won the 2021 Unity Award for the most anticipated game, and greatly appreciate all of the fans who support us as we work on the game. Thank you so much. We’re looking forward to the day we can share the game with you all. It can’t be too much longer, surely!” – Team Cherry

Silksong is currently trending on the social media platform Twitter. It seems the recently announced Nintendo Indie World Showcase has got people talking about it again. Of course, there’s absolutely no guarantee it would even be revealed during a broadcast like this. And perhaps now with all the hype behind it, it could be an announcement for a bigger stage.

When do you think we’ll finally get to play Silksong on the Switch? What do you make of this latest comment from Team Cherry? Leave a comment down below.


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