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The video shows Talaya losing her right sneaker right at the start of the racing competition

Watch: Terence Crawford's daughter quakes Internet with ineffable fighting spirit

Talaya and Terence Crawford. Twitter/@tbudcrawford

American Boxing sensation Terence Crawford’s daughter, Talaya Crawford, came out with an unimaginable happening to win a track race following an undesirable start. In a recent video clip shared by Terence Crawford, his seven-year-old daughter pulled off an extraordinary fighting spirit despite a shaky start during a 200-meter sprint competition at Northwest High School in Nebraska.

The video shows Talaya losing her right sneaker right at the start of the racing competition. The unintentional incident did cost a significant amount of time and she lost her flow. However, instead of giving up, the young girl is seen slipping the shoe back and picking up the acceleration within seconds. She runs at lightning pace to chase her fellow competitors. In a matter of time, she not only catches them but also overtakes them by some distance to touch the finishing line first.

Watch the video:

Terence Crawford, an undefeated boxer who has held multiple world championships, got delighted after watching his daughter’s remarkable effort. He took to Instagram to share the footage of the track race and penned down an overwhelming caption. The proud father wrote, “She just doesn’t have a clue how much she just motivated me. This is the definition of not giving, heart and grit.”

Soon, the video hit the Internet world like a storm and has been shared thousands of times on various social media platforms since then. Users around the world lauded the seven-year-old kid for her incredible willpower and tagged her as a ‘Certified MVP’.

Some users got really hopeful about her being a professional athlete in the future. Later, Olympic legend Michael Johnson also shared the clip on his Twitter handle of him saying, “If you do nothing else today; watch the kid.”

Earlier, in another feat, a 70-year-old man named Michael Kish left the Internet in awe by completing a 100-meter dash in 13.47 seconds at the Penn Relays.

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