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The 7 things you need to know for Wednesday, May 11


Russia is prepared for a “prolonged” war, a US official warned.

  • Who said this? Avril Haines, the nation’s top intelligence official. She predicted that what happens in the next month or two in Ukraine will be significant.
  • What else to know: The US House approved $40 billion in more aid for Ukraine yesterday. The Senate is expected to pass it this week.


Prices kept rising at historically high levels last month.

  • What’s going on? The government released figures today that showed costs — for things like energy, housing and food — rose by 8.3% in April compared to last year.
  • Any good news? That’s a smaller rise than in March, which could be a sign that inflation is slowing.
  • What’s driving this? Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused gas prices to soar, while supply chain problems and increased demand made other items more expensive.


A candidate backed by Donald Trump lost a primary in Nebraska.

  • What happened? Jim Pillen defeated Charles Herbster, who was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, as Republican voters picked their candidate for governor.
  • What this shows: There are limits to the former president’s influence. However, the House candidate Trump endorsed in West Virginia won his GOP primary.
  • What’s next? There are some big votes next Tuesday. Primaries in Pennsylvania and North Carolina are the ones to watch.


Record-breaking heat is scorching the central US this week.

  • What to expect: 90-degree heat will reach all the way to Wisconsin tomorrow, and temperatures in Texas and Oklahoma have hit triple digits.
  • This isn’t normal: Climate change caused by humans is playing a role in making early-season heat waves more frequent and more intense.


There’s a huge baby formula shortage in the US

  • How big is it? Formula was 43% out of stock nationwide last week, according to one tracker.
  • Why is this happening? Supply issues started getting worse after formulas linked to bacterial infections were recalled in February.
  • What’s being done? The FDA is talking with manufacturers, who are already trying to ramp up production.


Files from the largest US opioid maker went public yesterday.

Apple is finally pulling the plug on the iPod.

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