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The iPhone 15 may finally ditch Apple’s Lightning port

Apple often gets criticized — especially by power users — for still including the Lightning port on the iPhone. After all, most newly-released smartphones nowadays go for USB Type-C ports. This makes it possible to have a single, universal charger for all electronics that have adopted this port. Surprisingly, the company has already made the switch to USB Type-C on certain iPad models. For unknown reasons, though, the Cupertino tech giant still goes for Lightning on all iPhone models — even Pro ones. The good news is that Apple could finally be switching from the Lightning port to a USB Type-C port next year. A new report shares that the company could be making the change on the iPhone 15.

Reliable analyst Ming Chi Kuo has shared on Twitter that they believe Apple will be adopting USB Type-C for data transfer and power delivery on the iPhone it releases in the second half of 2023. If the company sticks to its current model naming, the iPhone 15 would be the first to get the upgraded port. Kuo doesn’t mention if this change will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro models or the entire lineup. The company tends to include upgraded tech on Pro variants before the regular ones follow in later years. We certainly hope to see it across all of the iPhone 15 lineup — as this switch is long overdue.

We’ve heard rumors before about the Cupertino tech giant releasing portless iPhones at some point. However — if the company indeed adopts USB Type-C on the iPhone 15 — it’s safe to assume that Apple is still not ready to completely ditch the port on its lineup of smartphones. We will have to wait until late next year to get some official details regarding the iPhone 15’s port.

Would you rather have a USB Type-C port or a portless iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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