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This pocket radio is more powerful than it looks

This mini radio is shockingly powerful.

Tune in to AM, FM and shortwave, wherever you may roam.
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The internet isn’t the only way to stay connected. A powerful AM/FM/shortwave radio can link you to music, news and sports from around the world. And it can come in handy for staying informed while you’re traveling — or keeping entertained while you’re camping

The Elite Mini AM/FM/Shortwave Radio with Digital Tuner can do all that and more. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for $24.99 (regularly $34).

News without the internet

Some news is too important to miss. And so are some sports events. The Elite Mini Radio lets you tune in to all of that from around the world.

The AM/FM and shortwave bands let you hear practically anything you could ask for. Kick it retro and listen to a baseball game on the radio or catch the news while you’re fishing. Slide it in its stylish carrying pouch, and you can listen to the radio while you hike and enjoy nature. Or just put it in the kitchen and listen to music that you don’t have to heal.

For a device about the size of a smartphone that takes just a few AAA batteries, the sound quality is magnificent. One Amazon reviewer simply said: “I was completely blown away by the reception and the crystal clear sound quality.” Overall, this radio is rated an average of 4.1/5 stars on Amazon.

With its telescoping antenna, you can enhance the FM and shortwave reception. And the digital tuner tells you the time, among other functions.

You can set an alarm and wake up to your favorite radio station. And if you don’t love what’s on, quickly switch to 50 different memory stations, automatically stored from your previous listening sessions. There’s even a sleep timer so you can drift off to the soothing sounds of your favorite hockey team. For private listening, there is also a line in/out headphone jack.

Save on the Elite Mini Radio

Tune in to entertainment without the distraction of smartphones and social media. Get an Elite Mini AM/FM/Shortwave Radio with Digital Tuner on sale for $24.99 (regularly $34).

Prices subject to change.

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