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This Sweet Southern Woman Has Become the Internet’s Mom

Ophelia Nichols, also known as @shoelover99, has become every TikTok user’s mom with her kind heart, encouraging words, and wise advice.

Nichols is known for her bright and bubbly personality along with her iconic greeting of “hey, tater tots.” She makes all sorts of videos from shopping hauls to story times, but her most impactful videos of her are the ones where she shares her motherly wisdom and comfort with her followers of her. I know that I’ve been touched by many of her videos of her, and I can only imagine how many people she’s helped with her content from her.

Like a great mother should, she educates her viewers on the things she’s learned through her life. Some people don’t have a motherly figure to teach them things like how to make friends, or how to stay safe when going out. So, Nichols makes sure to do that for her viewers.

She also isn’t afraid to educate others in a harsher manner if it seems fitting. Like a great mother would her, she will scold others on the platform that she believes to be doing wrong and hurting others.

Most importantly, she takes the time to connect with her viewers and makes sure they know she’s always there for them. You’ll even find her de ella leaving comments on other TikToker’s posts to show them support when they are going through hard times. She will go out of her way to make sure people feel heard, loved, and validated by spreading as much love as she can.

Seeing people like Nichols use her platform to spread love and warmth through a platform that can be full of negativity is amazing. I highly suggest heading over to her from her TikTok from her and watching more of her videos from her.

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