As he reportedly prepares for his return to the stage at the Billboard Music Awards this weekend, Travis Scott has been hit with another lawsuit. The Astroworld tragedy resulted in the deaths of 10 people, but today (May 12), it was reported that a pregnant woman who lost her child during the incident is taking Scott to court for wrongful death. The rapper has come forward to offer his condolences to all who suffered during the festival that injured hundreds and took the lives of 10, but that hasn’t been good enough for victims.

In Texas, where Astroworld took place, it is reportedly legal for expecting parents to file a lawsuit over the loss of a child, although it is something that isn’t recognized in all states.

Travis Scott
Alexander Tamargo/Stringer/Getty Images

According to ABC News 13, Shanazia Williamson has sued Scott after she claims she was “trampled and crushed (while in attendance at the festival) resulting in horrific injuries and ultimately the death of her and (her husband) Jarawd’s unborn child.” Astroworld took place on November 5 but it is unknown how long after the concert the couple miscarried, nor was it shared how far along the pregnancy was at the time.

“Williamson lives in Ohio. The baby’s death was not cataloged by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Services as the death or miscarriage did not occur in Houston,” ABC reported, adding that there is “an extensive gag order in the case imposed by Judge Kristen Hawkins.” This lawsuit was reported to have been “initially filed” back in December, but it was only this week when “a court filing listed 11 deaths” which stirred up questions that led to the revelation about Williamson.

However, Live Nation has reportedly responded to the lawsuit and has denied “all claims.”