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What To Do When The Internet Is Down

In this digital world that we live in, there’s bound to be something that always gets in the way. Sometimes the computer doesn’t like you. Sometimes what you need isn’t available.

And sometimes, the internet just doesn’t want to cooperate. That is what happened recently in our little radio station.

I noticed something was off when I was leaving for lunch. It was taking forever for something to send to a fellow coworker. Eventually I decided to get food instead of fighting the machine so to speak.

Turns out I left at maybe the right time. Or the wrong time, depends on your view.

Our internet was down for five hours. 300 minutes. 18,000 seconds of being disconnected from the World Wide Web. This now begs an even bigger question.

How does anyone deal with not having internet?

Everything seems to be online these days and when you can’t connect, you can’t even get most of your job done. Most of us ended up just looking at the wall and each other trying to figure out how to tackle this mountain that we all had to now climb.

Now luckily, some were able to go home and continue their work, but if your a radio DJ, you have to make do with the cards you dealt on-air.

So I turn the question to everyone who’s reading this in Texas. I’ll definitely need ideas to help pass the time when the internet goes down and none of us are able to get our work done.

Let us know via our station app!

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